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Some time ago I read a wonderful post called “Magic“, written by of one of my online friends, Mina. I would love to meet her in real life, but that’s not what this post is about. The subject of this post is about something that I read in Mina’s post. She mentioned ‘position 1’ and ‘position 3’ and this had me very curious. I thought that I have missed something along the line and started searching the net for ‘submissive positions’. There were thousands of hits, but most of them had to do with training dogs and the different submissive positions for the dogs. Of course, that was not what I wanted to know! I carefully looked through the hits and found some interesting articles.

The articles that I found was interesting to read and Mina informed me about the different positions her Master can demand of her – positions that her Master ‘created’ specially for her. The online information and Mina’s information got me thinking. Here I was, searching the net for the submissive positions as if there were ‘rules’ for this. Yet again I realized that each D/s relationship has its own set of ‘rules’. It’s the Dominant in each relationship who decides what the rules would be. And each set of rules that is decided on, applies only to the specific relationship. No one has the right to tell you that those rules are right or wrong. People in a D/s relationship live it the way they see fit, the way that it fits into their lives, the way they feel comfortable with. We should respect others for the way they choose to live their lives, including their D/s relationships. We can read about their relationships or listen to them telling us about it, and we can ‘learn’ from them. Let someone else’s D/s relationship spark some ideas for yours. It’s much more enriching to use those ideas in your own relationship than to have negative comments about how others live their lives.

What am I now going to do with the information I have found? No doubt I will bring it to my Husband’s attention. He is the one who decides whether we will have a set of positions. If so, I know that I will have to learn the different positions – I mean, I do have to know what position 5 is if He tells me to assume it. On the other hand, if He does not ‘design’ a set of positions, He might just get some ideas from the articles I have found. You can follow these links to read about some submissive and slave positions:

Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:
Link 4:

The articles make for interesting reading, but there is one small piece that I want to quote here. I just love the book and the movie “The Story of O”, so maybe that is why these positions from the book/movie appeal to me:

En bas (in bottom) – The slave bends over an object while standing.
Enchainez (connect) – The slave lifts her wrists into place to be chained.
Genou (kneel) – The slave kneels and is usually chained to something by the wrists.
Reposez (sit) – Either kneeling or sitting, the slave slightly parts her legs, and places her hands on her thighs palms upwards.
S’ouvrez (open) – The slave opens her legs.
Se levez (rise) – The slave stands.
Se pliez (bent over, ass bared) – The slave goes to her knees and bends over a object with her ass exposed, knees parted.
Venerez (venerate) – The slave kneels and performs worship services upon the dominant.

I would love to hear your comments and ideas on submissive positions.

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