Pub visit (2/2)

(A fantasy)

Continued from Pub visit (1/2)

When she came back, she had her thong propped in her bag. While she was in the restroom, the man had moved to the bar stool she was sitting on earlier. She sat down next to him. He held his hand out and she looked at him with a question in her eyes.
“Thong?” was all he said. Rebel looked at him, shocked. He seriously wanted her thong? His hand was still stretched out towards her. As if in a trance, she slowly took the thong out of her bag and dropped it in his hand. It disappeared in the pocket of the jacket he was wearing. Rebel was even wetter than she was before she went to the rest rooms.


“Turn towards me,” he ordered. She did and was now sitting with her back to the couple closest to them. While she was in the restrooms one of the couples at the tables has left the pub and another man has sat down at the far end of the bar, close to the door. He was talking to the two men who were already seated at the bar, and the barman.

“Spread your legs,” the man in front of Rebel ordered. She was at the point where she did not want to stop anymore. Frightened as hell that someone might see what was about to happen, she was also excited enough to want to know where this would lead. She spread her legs. The hem of her skirt was casting a shadow on her crotch. Since they were in a darker spot, the man could not see anything.
“Pull your skirt up,” he said. She looked at him. The moment Rebel heard his words, she felt a shiver of excitement run down her spine, but she could not get herself to immediately do as he said. However, when she saw his stern face in the half light, she supported herself on the bar counter on one elbow and pulled her skirt up with her free hand. As she sat down again, her naked buttocks touched the wooden barstool. The hem of her skirt was resting on the top of her thighs. With her legs together, the man across from her could see some flesh, but no detail.

“Spread your legs,” he repeated his order.
This time Rebel was not as quick to spread her legs as the first time. She knew that he would be able to see her pussy, her wetness. Slowly she spread her legs, not daring to look at him. She was looking down. She saw her own spread legs. She could see part of the barstool. The hem of her skirt just prevented her from seeing her own pussy, but she knew the man had a full view of her. Rebel was still looking down when she noticed more light being shone on her crotch. She looked up in surprise. The man across from her has moved his barstool a bit. Because he moved, his body was not blocking the beam of light coming from the wall lamp behind him. Rebel’s pussy was now fully illuminated and her wetness was very visible.

She gasped when he leant forward and ran his finger through her wetness. He lightly tapped the insides of her thighs, indicating that she should spread her legs more. Rebel felt her nipples harden and a shiver of horniness went through her body. She spread her legs as wide as she could and tilted her pelvis backwards as if offering him her pussy. He pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. Moving his fingers inside, he hit her g-spot. His thumb brushed her clit. Once, twice, more. He pressed down harder with his thumb, circling her clitoris while his fingers inside her moved around as well. It did not take her long to climax. She felt the wetness on the barstool below her.

Without removing his fingers, he took his glass of the bar counter with his other hand and took a sip. If any of the other people in the pub would be paying attention to them, they would have though them a normal couple having some drinks. Only when someone would have to go to the bathrooms, would they have been able to see that Rebel had fingers buried in her pussy. It was the same fingers that started moving again, pulling her towards him. Rebel put her one foot on the steel footrest at the bottom of the bar counter and her other foot on the footrest of his barstool. She was kind of hanging on the barstool now, supported only on part of her buttocks. Her pussy was now freely accessible to the man in front of her.

The fingers inside her were removed. Rebel felt empty for a couple of seconds, until those fingers firmly started to massage her erect clitoris. The man rubbed down hard on her little button, exciting Rebel even more. Occasionally he slipped two fingers back into her pussy, wetting them again and then he continued to stimulate her clit. The setting, the drinks she had, the fact that she liked this man, her horniness… all of this was a recipe for another orgasm. This time she squirted. The barman probably heard it too, since he looked at them milliseconds after Rebel heard the sound of the jet of fluid that hit the bar counter. She tried to look normal, and apparently she succeeded. The barman looked at their glasses, saw that she still had something to drink and continued his conversation with one of the men sitting on the other side of the bar. Rebel sighed in relief.

The man in front of her took his handkerchief from his trouser pocket and dried his hand. He looked at her and smiled. He leant closer to her.
“Anyone can see that you are horny,” he said.
Rebel looked at him in horror. This broadened his smile.
“You have a very horny look in your eyes.”
Still Rebel could not speak. She was still sitting with her legs spread wide. He smiled at her again.

“Honey, shall we go home and fuck?” her husband said as he helped her off the barstool.

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