Pub visit (1/2)

(A fantasy)

Rebel pops into the small pub after work.

The dusky sphere inside was charming. Lamps on the walls with yellow colored lights and the light on the wall behind the bar were the only lighting inside. There were some corners to the back of the bar that were almost dark. Except for the bar stools at the bar counter, one could sit at one of five small square tables, each with two chairs. Three of the five tables were occupied. Two men were sitting at the bar counter, close to the door. When she entered, she looked around and went to sit on the other side of the bar. She decided this partly because the two tables closest to that point were vacant and partly because it was a darker spot. And she was not in the mood to talk to anyone.

Rebel was wearing skirt which had its hemline just above her knees. Underneath she was wearing a thong and stockings. Her deep-cut blouse showed some cleavage. Her quarter cup pushup bra helped to make this cleavage just a bit sexier. She had her hair up and some strands were framing her face. Her high-heeled pumps completed the picture.

Once she sat down, Rebel ordered something to drink. She was nervous. She has never been in a pub all by herself. For now she just hoped no one would talk to her; that they would just let her be. The collection of tiny bells at the door chimed. Someone has entered the pub. She looked up. It was a man. He stood at the door, looked at her, looked at the couple at the tables, looked at the two men closest to him and then back at her again. Rebel averted her eyes and looked at her drink. When the man sat down next to her, she held her eyes fixed on her drink.

“Good evening,” he said and she nodded in acknowledgement. He ordered himself a drink and as soon as his drink was placed in front of him, he turned his head back to her.
“Do you come here frequently?” he asked.
“No.” Rebel hoped that her short answer would discourage him from any further talking.
It did not. He asked her some more questions, some of which even made her laugh. Soon she found herself talking to him. She liked the guy. A lot. And Rebel had to admit, the drinks she had was totally helping to relax her too!

When he took another sip from his glass, his free hand dropped to her knee. She did not know how to react at first. Then, since he was not moving his hand, Rebel decided not to react at all. Of course, this was a reaction too! The man moved his thumb to caress her knee. Rebel looked at him. He did not look at her – only took another sip from his glass. Rebel enjoyed the warm feeling the caressing thumb was giving her. She almost gasped out loud when he moved his hand a bit further up her thigh. This time he did look at her. He smiled. All Rebel could do was to smile back at him. She knew that she was weak. Some part of her was telling her to stop him; another part just wanted to see how far he would go.

Rebel waited for him to move his hand up her thigh some more. His hand was resting just below the lacy edge of her stocking. She had a sudden longing in her for him to move his hand upwards. Instead of doing that, he pressed down on her leg. Rebel looked at him. He pressed harder and kept looking deep into her eyes. Involuntarily she spread her legs a bit. She was too weak to resist him. She did not know how. And when he removed his hand, she felt disappointment.

“Are you wearing panties?” he asked as he leant towards her.
“A thong,” she nodded.
He turned on his bar stool and bent over so his mouth was right next to her ear.
“I want you to go into the bathroom, take your thong off and come back,” he whispered. Rebel looked at him. This was quite something to ask of her.
“And when you come back, I want you to switch places with me,” he continued to whisper. He was sitting closer to the corner of the bar; she was sitting closer to the wall. He stopped talking and looked at her. She did not move. Rebel did not know whether she should do what he asked her to do. Her indecision turned into action when she felt a trickle of wetness running from her pussy.

Slowly Rebel got off the bar stool and walked to the back of the pub where the restrooms were.

To be continued… Pub visit (2/2)

© Rebel’s Notes

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