“Plug in, now!” he says.

I go upstairs, take my pants and panties (if I am wearing them) off. I get my plug, lubricate it a bit, lie down on the bed and slowly start to work the plug into my body.

No more than five minutes later I am dressed again, ready to go back downstairs.

From the moment I hear the words “plug in”, I start to go wet. How wet? You be the judge of that…

Sinful Sunday

Β© Rebel’s Notes

12 thoughts on “Plugged

  1. @Rebel

    happy I have been using it and it's working wonderful now. Someone even had me wear it while on a riding mower for and hour or so…. was so horny… omg

  2. @Tigress
    Why don't you get yourself a smaller one and just 'build it up' until you can wear the bigger one? Train your ass, so to speak πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh my So yum yum yum!!!!! My plug is too big for me to wear around. Or maybe I just need to get used to it. Idk. Damn I'm getting wet now. Mmmmmmm

  4. oh so fucking sexy bb… i need a pretty plug like that… seems so naughty to wear it around… i admit i'm tempted to try it.

  5. Grrrr…that is so sexy. I got the same orders earlier this week….but he insisted on helping, the result of which was I was late for my coffee with friends!


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