There are times when some things more attention than others. Times when sex moves to the background, even with such highly sexual people as we are. But in those times, bodies seem to work differently from the mind. You can turn your mind of sex, but not your body. Or, so it seemed to me. There was that moment when I felt the wetness running from my pussy, feeling so terribly horny and knowing I would have to do something about it myself.

Exhausted as he was, my Husband instantly fell asleep next to me in bed. I was restless, wide awake. Tired too, but it was almost as if I had an elevated heart rate. I tried to ignore it. Tried not to think about the wetness between my legs. Tried not to think about the need in my body. Tried to ignore the fact that I was horny as hell. Thoughts rolled through my mind. I should go to sleep as the next day would start early and be tiring again. The buzz in my body kept me awake. I knew that I would have to have at least one orgasm, otherwise there would be only restless naps for me during the night.

My hand cupped my needing pussy. A finger slipped between my swollen lips. I was wet. Very. The wetness on my finger found its way to my waiting clitoris. I tried to move slowly, not wanting to wake my Husband. But slow did not do it for me. I wanted more. I needed the orgasm, and I needed it quickly. I knew what I needed. The ass slut in me knew what I needed. In the dark, as quietly as possible I had my hand in the drawer of my bedside table. I found it: a pencil eyeliner. I slowly slipped it into place. It wasn’t thick, but moving it in and out was just that bit more of stimulation that I was looking for. One hand worked the pencil, the other pressed down hard on my clitoris.

I pulled my night dress down, exposing one breast. Looking down, I see my hard nipple etched against the background light of the television. This is a view I love and it made me feel even hornier. That familiar feeling awakened inside me. The insides of my thighs started to tingle, to burn. The muscles in my body tensed. The pencil moved in and out; my fingers pressed down harder on my clitoris. The orgasm almost took my breath away. I managed to climax without making a sound. Hubby was still sound asleep as I cupped my cunt and felt it still throbbing after the release.

I felt calmer. Still horny, but calmer… and fell asleep.

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