Making it up

A conversation on Twitter (names have been slightly changed):

Rebel – @Neve Good morning sweetie! *kisses*

Neve – @Rebel: Yummy. If you keep that up, I’m gonna stay in bed. 😉

Rebel – @Neve: mmmm kisses on the tip of your nose and one on each nipple 🙂

Neve – @Rebel: Now I’m definitely not going anywhere…..

Rebel – @Neve: circles tongue around your nipples. Kisses down…

Neve – @Rebel: *watching and waiting*

Rebel – @Neve: kisses down… slowly turn you around on your tummy…

Neve – @Rebel: *moans*

Rebel – @Neve: kisses on your soft round cheeks… then a soft slap on each of them *get up you, start your day* *giggles & kisses*

About two hours later:

Rebel – @Neve: so you up and about yet, lady? *winks*

Neve – @Rebel: I am bb. You tricked me!

Rebel – @Neve: I did, I know. I will have to make it up to you :))

As she wanted to get up, she was held back by her friend.

“I don’t want you to go, stay with me,” Rebel said.

Neve fell back against the pillows. She looked at Rebel and smiled, not saying a word. Rebel smiled back and then started all over again. She kissed Neve’s on the tip of her nose, on both her cheeks, then on her lips. With her tongue she softly traced the outline of Neve’s lips, waiting for her to part them. When she did, their tongues touched softly, exploring. Rebel broke it off, continuing her kisses downwards. She kissed Neve’s neck, her throat, the inside and the outside of her breasts. Teasingly slow Rebel turned her attention to Neve’s nipples. She circled them with her tongue, suck on them, softly nibbled on them. Rebel enjoyed toying with the nipple piercings Neve had, just as much as Neve enjoyed it being toyed with.

Neve sighed as Rebel continued her journey downwards. Kissing her way down, she paused at Neve’s lower abdomen. Rebel continued down to Neve’s thighs, outer and inner. To her knees, down her leg, to her feet. Then back up, stopping at Neve’s center, kissing her labia, running her tongue up and down Neve’s slit. Rebel just barely parted Neve’s labia with her tongue. Then she asked Neve to turn on her tummy again. Neve looked at her in caution. She did not want Rebel to trick her again. But Rebel smiled at her and slightly shook her head. Neve turned over onto her stomach.


Rebel kissed the back of her legs, starting at her knees, kissing her way up. She stopped at the top of each thigh before starting on the next. Her kisses continued to the soft round butt cheeks in front of her. She could clearly smell Neve’s wetness. Rebel put her hands under Neve, slightly raising her hips from the bed. Neve had to support her on her knees. Her wet labia spread, giving Rebel the access she wanted. She pushed her tongue into the wetness in front of her. Neve moaned. Rebel licked and sucked and stuck her tongue deep into Neve’s pussy. She loved the taste of this woman.

Quickly Rebel turned onto her back, moving her head in under Neve, now supporting Neve’s hips on her hands. Her new position made it easier for Rebel to alternate her tongue fucking Neve’s pussy to sucking hard on her clitoris. She felt the wetness on her chin, on her cheeks. The louder Neve moaned, the harder Rebel sucked, the quicker her tongue moved. The shudder that went through Neve’s body was a telltale sign of her climax.

Rebel lay down next to Neve, smiling at her.

“Now you can get up and start your day!”

© Rebel’s Notes

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