Kiss. My. Butt.

We were in bed – both tired and exhausted after some very emotional days. I was on my side, facing Him, holding His hand while He watched TV. My back was turned towards the television. My eyes were closed. This is our usual routine at night. I love holding His hand and drifting off to sleep with the sound of the television. But I never really sleep before I have put my plugs in my ears. And when I do so, I give Him a good night kiss, because soon I would be sound asleep, still holding His hand.

I put my plugs in last night and said “kiss”, looking at my Husband.
“Come get it if you want one,” He teased. I did. I cannot remember what he said then, but I was in a teasing mood too and I do remember my response: “Kiss. My. Butt.”
He pulled the covers off me, moved my pajama shorts to my butt crack and softly kissed my ass, while He firmly kneaded my ass cheek. I moaned. It felt so good. After a minute or so He covered my ass cheek and lay down beside me again.
“You were moaning,” he said. I nodded.

“Do you want me to kiss your pussy goodnight too?” He asked. My eyes flew open. He was looking at me with a stern expression on His face. Again I nodded. He threw the covers off me again and I turned on my back. He pulled my pajama shorts aside and planted a kiss on my labia.
“I think your pussy wants to be French kissed,” He said. Another moan escaped my lips.
I cannot describe what I felt – mentally, emotionally and physically – when his tongue touched my clit. It was simply amazing. Only at that moment I really realized how much I have missed being intimate with my Husband. Slowly, very slowly an orgasm started to build. It took me longer than it normally does, but when I climaxed, it felt so right and wrong at the same time.

His finger replaced His tongue. He stopped, peeled my shorts from me and bent forward to kiss me. His fingers disappeared deep into my wetness.
“This cunt is very wet,” He said. I nodded and kissed Him again.
Another finger explored my wetness. I could hear the wetness of my pussy as His fingers moved in and out of me.
“Do you still remember what you are?” He asked.
“Yes, I do.”
“I am a slut.”
“Good girl,” He said. I melted and climaxed.

Hard-handedly He pulled my shirt down, exposing my breasts, bending down to bite them. All the time He fucked my wet cunt with four fingers. My hand was on my clitoris. I was looking for release – I wanted a huge orgasm. He looked at me, heightening the lust in my body by the expression in His eyes. I climaxed a couple of times, but still the big release eluded me.

“You are such a slut,” He said and slipped two fingers into my ass. It hurt. It felt so good. It hurt more. I was in heaven. My fingers were still circling my clitoris – rubbing it, pressing down hard. Oh my, I so wanted to feel the releasing orgasm, but it felt so far away. Was tiredness keeping it from me? Was some disguised form of guilt preventing me from having my release?
“Please lick me,” I asked. He did. It was only then that I started to feel the familiar burning deep inside me. His tongue was awakening something inside me that my fingers could not up to that point. The burning and yearning intensified. I pushed my fingers between His mouth and my body, claiming my clitoris again. I felt release and relief when the orgasm took hold of my body. Wave after wave rippled fiercely through my body. It felt as if the orgasm lasted just as long as I have been waiting for it!

He did not allow me one moment to recover, but entered my sensitive pussy almost before the last orgasmic wave settled down. Inside my sensitive cunt I felt every move He made. His hard cock brushed against my insides, trying to start another fire. Succeeding. Making me climax again, just before His cock contracted and I felt His cum hit the insides of me.

Lying next to each other afterwards, I smiled – happy and content. We’re back! We needed this! I guess the next time I say those words to him, it might just land me a spanking… but damn, it sounded so good – word for word: Kiss. My. Butt.





PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #word.

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  1. Oh girl! That was hot! Unlike Miss Molly, I can totally see that happening in my relationship. I'm thinking I should write something but… I'm having trouble getting started. I always have trouble starting out. Frustrating!
    Thanks for the Oh My! factor 🙂 Loved it!

  2. Lovely, honest and so as it should be no matter what the emotional circumstances xx


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