Fruit salad

I slowly became aware of my surroundings. People were talking in whispering voices. I was laying on my back. My arms were by my side; my legs spread. I could only move my head, nothing else. Slowly I opened my eyes. There was just enough light in the room to make out the silhouettes of different people, which I saw when I turned my head. There were only women. I turned my head to the other side and saw more women.

One of the women turned around and looked at me. The woman turned back to the other woman she was talking to. Apparently they have been waiting for me to wake up. All the women walked towards me. They surrounded me. I turned my head from side to side and saw the women looking down on me. Then – a sound I did not expect – the scraping of chairs. The women were seated. I realized that I must be lying on a table. When I tried to move, I could not. Supposedly I have been bound. The sound of cutlery on plates confirmed my suspicions that I was on a table.

I winced when I felt something sharp touching my stomach. Then I felt the same on my thighs, on my breasts. Lifting my head and looking down my body, I saw the women helping themselves to the fruit that was displayed on my body. Pieces of strawberries, melon, kiwi, pineapple, banana and some other fruit were taken from my body with silver forks. The women were not gentle; in fact, it looked as if they deliberately wanted to hurt me. They ate, talked and laughed. More sharp stings on my body, pressing down even harder than the first time, as the women helped themselves to more fruit. One woman, sitting at the head of the table, down by my feet, did not eat.

When the women were done eating, I heard the sound of a chair scraping over the floor again. Yet again I lifted my head to see where the sound came from. The woman at the head of the table was standing. Everyone watched her, including me. The woman slowly crawled onto the table, between my legs. She looked at me, licking her lips. She bent down and ran her tongue over my thighs, tasting the juices of the different fruit that was on my legs. Kneeling between my legs, spreading my thighs wider with her knees, she bent forward. I felt her tongue running from the bottom of my left labia, to the top. I was still watching her. Her tongue was covered in whipped cream. It disappeared in her mouth. She repeated her licking, this time on the right side. Then she licked again, this time in the middle. Her tongue touched the wetness inside me. This time she had very little whipped cream on her tongue. She bent down again, opening her mouth, uncovering her teeth, ready to bite me. I braced myself for the pain, which did not come. As she closed her mouth around the plum half that covered my clitoris, I feel her teeth against my erect button.

Juice from the plum dripped from her mouth, onto my pussy. When she lowered her head again, my head fell back to the table. I pushed my hips upwards. I sighed. I was ready.



PS: This week prompt for Wank Wednesday was #plum

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