Bus Tour: The touch of one woman (3/3)

Continued from The touch of one woman (2/3)

All movement ceased. Rebel’s arms were lowered.

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“Get on your knees,” the Australian accent ordered firmly. Rebel obeyed. Her legs were still spread wide by the spreader bar. Rebel’s blindfold was removed. She looked at the woman in front of her. She was not wearing her mask anymore. It was her. It was who she thought it was! The woman smiled. She kneeled in front of Rebel. She removed the gag from Rebel’s mouth. Now Rebel was smiling too. Their lips softly touched. They softly kissed. Their tongues softly explored, dancing around each other. Exploring. Tasting each other. The movements of their tongues became more urgent. Their kiss intensified. They wanted more of each other. Rebel moved her hands, touching the woman’s breasts. She expected a reprimand, but it did not happen. Her hands were still cuffed, but she could reach both nipples, softly rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. The sigh of the woman, whose mouth was still against hers, was evident that she enjoyed the feeling. When the kiss stopped, the woman lay down on her back, spreading her legs for Rebel.

Rebel looked at the beautiful pussy in front of her. The pussy lips were slightly spread, showing a clitoris that was slightly peeking out from under the clitoral hood. Rebel pushed against the inner thighs of the Australian woman, spreading her legs. She supported herself on her elbows, savoring the smell of the wet pussy in front of her. It smelled of lust – pure, raw lust. Rebel ran her tongue from the bottom of the slit to the top, then back to the bottom again.

“Does it taste good, slut?” her husband asked and Rebel nodded. The blow of the flogger on her ass came unexpected. Rebel looked up in surprise. Immediately her head was grabbed and pushed back against the waiting pussy. The flogger landed on her ass again.

“I asked you something, slut. Does it taste good?” her husband asked again. Taking her mouth of the tasty pussy for just a moment, Rebel answered, “yes, sir.” Slap! This time he hit her with his flat hand. Slap on the other ass cheek.

Source: konachan.com

“Then keep on sucking it! Don’t let the lady wait!” Rebel’s head was kept in place. The woman had a fistful of hair on either side of her head. Her husband delivered blows on her ass cheeks, alternating it with fingering her pussy. The harder he hit her, the harder she sucked, the harder the woman beneath her moaned and squirmed, pushing her pussy into Rebel’s face. Rebel’s ass burned. Rebel’s pussy was in need of being fucked. Rebel wanted her asshole touched. But she would not ask. She knew that it would be reason for more punishment. She concentrated on the pussy in front of her instead. She used her hands to spread the pussy lips as wide as she could, stretching the skin around the clitoris, exposing the little button. She flicked her tongue up and down over it, left and right. She sucked it into her mouth, nibbled on it, sucked again. Rebel dipped her tongue into the sweet wetness of the woman’s hole, then moved back to her clitoris and sucked hard again.

When the Australian lady arched her back, pushing hard against Rebel’s mouth, Rebel’s pussy was fingered hard by her husband. With his other hand he slapped her ass cheeks. She sucked harder, feeling her own climax building. The woman beneath her moaned harder as her climax overwhelmed her. Rebel tasted her juices, felt her pussy contracting against her mouth and then Rebel’s orgasm raged through her body, making her knees feel weak.

Rebel kissed the pussy in front of her face as the woman starts to relax. She felt her husband behind her, undoing the spreader bar. Rebel crawled next to the blonde woman. Their long, lingering kiss was the last they shared before the woman had to get dressed to get off at the next bus stop.

Rebel was sad to see her go.

To be continued… Tongue fucking (1/2)

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