Bus Tour: The touch of one woman (2/3)

Continued from The touch of one woman (1/3)

This thought had only just crossed her mind when she felt the first blow of the flogger on her buttocks. From the way the blow touched her skin Rebel immediately realized that her husband was not the one handling the flogger. At first Rebel only inhaled sharply when the she felt the stinging of the flogger. But when the flogging did not stop, but went on and on with the same intervals between blows, Rebel’s moans got louder and louder behind the gag. Her throat hurt just as much as her ass when the flogging stopped. The soft, gently touch between her legs was a huge contrast to the blows she had just endured. Her pussy lips were softly stroked by the gentle hands of a woman; rolled between the fingers of the woman. Rebel felt herself go even wetter than she already was. Her pussy burned with desire. She was certain that she could climax without having something in her pussy or her clitoris stimulated. Still Rebel tried to withhold her orgasm. There was no way she could ask for permission because of the gag and she knew what the punishment would be if she failed to ask. She wanted to avoid that. Her ass was still burning.

Her nipples felt rigid and hard, pointing forward very proudly. The soft handling of her pussy was almost unbearable. She needed to cum, to cum hard. But she did not want to. Not without permission. The soft touches between her legs disappeared and reappeared on her hard nipples. The touching started out softly circling her nipples, but soon changed into the pulling of her nipples, then pinching. Rebel moaned. This felt so good. The pinching and pulling hurt, but it felt good. The feeling of wanting to orgasm did not disappear – it only intensified. When Rebel felt the body of the other woman pressed against hers, she sighed audibly. The feeling of the woman’s breasts, her nipples hard too… Rebel loved it. A soft kiss on her cheek and then the Australian accent again: “Cum for me.”

The warm body moved away from her. The woman’s mouth covered one of her nipples, sucking it in hard, nibbling on it, biting it, hurting her. Her other nipple received the same treatment. Rebel felt a hand cupping her pussy. A finger slipped into her wetness and traced a path back to her clitoris. Seconds later Rebel made a deep grunting noise as she climaxed hard.

All touching stopped. The woman moved away from her and Rebel sensed moving in behind her again. Soon her ass burnt again, but not from the flogger this time. The woman was using her flat hand on Rebel’s buttocks. She slapped her, alternating from one ass cheek to the other. Her hands landed on the red marks covering Rebel’s ass, intensifying the color. It felt like ages before she stopped. Rebel’s ass was on fire. Her ass was on fire and her pussy was dripping wet.

When she felt the woman’s mouth on her pussy, she almost instantly climaxed. Her clitoris was sucked hard and two fingers were pushed into her pussy, fucking her. Rebel surrendered to the feelings between her legs. She could not go anywhere, the spreader and her hands bound tightly above her head prevented her from that. The hard sucking of her clitoris, the fingers fucking her hole made her climax again. Her hole was left empty when the woman spread her pussy lips wide, using both hands. She licked up and down Rebel’s slit, flicking her tongue over Rebel’s clitoris each time she got there. Up. Down. Flick. Flick. Once more. And again. When the woman started to fuck Rebel with her tongue, Rebel’s next climax was a fact.

To be continued… The touch of one woman (3/3)

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