Best friends do what best friends do

They have agreed to do this. Committed themselves to it. Unconditionally. No questions asked.

They have committed themselves to just to do as instructed.

They were best friends and have been for 6 years. Rebel was the one that was very open about her sexuality. Her best friend, Nobelle and Rebel’s husband were the two people in her life that knew everything about her sex life. On the other hand, Rebel’s best friend was more timid. Oh, she would love to be able to explore more, to have more ‘daring’ sex, but her love for her very vanilla husband holds her back.

Now the two best friends were sitting across from each other on the queen size bed in Rebel’s bedroom – naked. On the bed between the two of them was a square brown package with no markings on it.. On top of the it was an envelope with their names on it. They opened it to find a short note in it:

In the box you will find three wrapped items, each with a note on it. Each note contains instructions. Follow the instructions. I don’t have to remind you of your commitment, do I?

The note was signed by Rebel’s husband.
The two women looked at each other. They smiled and opened the package.

Indeed, inside were three packages of different sizes and shapes. They were numbered 1, 2 and 3. Rebel’s friend reached for the small package with the “1” written on the folded note. She took the note off and started to read out loud: “This note should be read by Nobelle…” they giggled nervously as it was pure coincidental that Nobelle were the first to reach for the note.

“… since I have once heard you say that you like to feel pain in your nipple, these are specially for you. Rebel will help you with it and then she can either do her own, or you can help her. You may decide. Enjoy, Nobelle!”

The package contained two sets of pink butterfly nipple clamps. Rebel moved closer to her friend. She felt nervous, because never before had she been in a sexual encounter with Nobelle. But they had their instructions; they have committed themselves to this. She gently rolled one of Nobelle’s nipples between her thumb and finger, feeling it getting harder. Without further ado she clipped the first clamp on, hearing her friend gasp. She cupped her breast for a moment, covering the clamp. The smile on Nobelle’s face said enough. Soon the other nipple and Rebel’s nipples were clamped too. They were ready for the next package.

“How do the clamps feel, ladies? Did it make you wet? Nobelle, do you like the feeling? Are the clamps tight enough? Let’s get on to the next step. Use the items in this package to bring each other to at least two orgasms each,” Rebel read out loud. They opened the package. Inside were two medium-sized vibrators. One was silver colored, the other golden. Rebel and her friend positioned themselves next to each other – each had her head at the feet of the other. Supported on an elbow, legs spread, the vibrators started humming. The friends started to explore each others’ soft folds. The vibrators found their ways through inside wetness to outside sensitive buttons. The women moaned and smiled, sighed and grunted with passion. They completed their little task and found they both wanted more.

But their curiosity won it from continuing the dance of the vibrators. The third package in the box still had to be unwrapped. Nobelle reached into the box for the note. There was only one word on the note: “ENJOY”

Inside the package the ladies found a double ended dildo. The need inside them guided them in what to do. Sitting across from each other again, they had the toy between them. Moving closer together the put the ends of the dildo against their pussies. Rocking to and fro and moving closer together, the toy slowly slipped into their wet pussies. They held onto each others’ shoulders as they rocked, pushing the dildo in as far as they could. But also gasping as the clamps on their nipples moved and hurt. They leant back and supported on their elbows fucked each other with their hips. Sounds mixed – the sound of the dildo moving inside them, their moaning, the sound of their orgasms.

The empty box was a silent witness as the best friends tried to catch their breaths.

PS: This week prompt for Wank Wednesday was #box

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3 thoughts on “Best friends do what best friends do

  1. @Tigress
    Dearest Tigress! I would have loved to live close to you! We could have had fun together *winks*
    And indeed, I have a wonderful man in my life. He is my biggest love, my Dom, my Husband, my best friend, my soulmate! Hope I can help you more in future and hope we will always be in contact!
    Hugzz ~Rebel~

  2. @Molly
    Thanks Molly! I think we've said this in the past: if only we lived closer by and since we are looking for the same thing… ~Rebel~

  3. Oh my sexy friend Rebel…. Oh my…. Oh my…. How I do wish we lived close to each other!! Mmmm mmmm.

    Even tho we have not met in person… I feel very close to you. I think we have so much in common. You have been a very very good friend to me and I thank you and appreciate you so very much.

    You have such a wonderful man, husband, Dom and best friend. I can only hope & wish & dream that someday I will have that also. I am working towards making that come true. I've learned so much from you my friend. For that I thank you!!!! Love you girl!!

    Hugs and many kisses
    Pink T

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