Under my clothing

For my first Sinful Sunday post (the first of many I hope) I have chosen two photo’s which were made a week ago. On the Saturday I was very busy in the house, ironing, cleaning and feeling good about it. I was tired after I have been at it for hours, but it just made me feel good to see everything clean and tidy. I think a lot of women will share that feeling, although I must immediately say that I am not fond of housework. I would much rather spend all my time behind the computer writing smut!

So there I was, feeling smug and even “smugger” after I have taken a shower. We were about to go to the shopping center for our late afternoon shopping and drinking. We always end up in “our” bar where we meet friends and hang out until about an hour after the shopping center has closed. We love doing this on our Saturday afternoon. While getting dressed, I was slightly horny, probably because I felt so smug. I put on my panties and then my black quarter cup bra. Then a T-shirt and just before I lowered the T-shirt over my breasts, I put my tighter fitting nipple charms on my nipples. I just love the way the color of my nipples turn to purple before it turns back to a darker pink.

Walking around in the shopping center and sitting across the table from our friends (mostly male) I wondered whether they could see my hard nipples pressing against the inside of my clothes. Over the T-shirt I was wearing a dress, but since it is made of a thin material too, my hard nipples were still clearly visible. I hope they did see it! Not only the wine I had, but this thought too, made me go wet right there!

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6 thoughts on “Under my clothing

  1. @KaziGrrl
    These are not really clamps, but charms and they definitely do not hurt. They make me feel sexy every day! Search for nipplecharms.com and you will see what different kinds there are!

  2. @Molly
    Hi Molly, thank you for your welcome wishes and thank you for Sinful Sunday!
    MMMMM being naughty & only you and your lover knowing about the naughtiness is so much fun!

  3. Really, those are clamps? they're gorgeous… I always think of clamps as nasty things, but I would definitely consider wearing those 🙂

    Welcome to Sinful Sunday, great start!


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