The same, but different…

There we were again, in the bedroom. When I returned from the bathroom, my collar was on the bed. After He had put the collar around my neck, I was ordered to lie down on the bed. It was almost a repeat of the events in my post He knows me so well. I remember my thoughts, hoping that He wasn’t going to repeat the same sequence of events and then thinking that I enjoyed it so much, I would love to experience it again. Still, I didn’t want anything to become ‘routine’. It did not.

As I lay down on the bed, I heard the chain. I remembered that I had not seen it when I walked back into the bedroom. He must have been hiding it. I sensed Him next to the bed. He roughly pulled one of my nipples and in seconds the clamp was on my right nipple. He repeated this treatment with my left nipple. The clamped was removed and then re-attached it. I winced when it hurt.

“Hand between your legs,” He snapped. He gave me no time at all to respond to what He said, but immediately pulled the chain on the clamps and snapped again: “hand between your legs!”
By now my hand was on my pussy, but I did not move my hand at all. Again He pulled on the chain. I lifted my shoulders off the bed, trying to slacken the chain, but He kept it taut.
“I want you to finger yourself and count how many times you climax.” There it was again – a repeat of the previous time. But as a good girl, I obeyed.

* * * * *

Back in the bedroom, He wanted to know how many times I have climaxed in His absence.
“Ten,” I answered.
“Ten? Have you even made an effort?” He asked. I did not answer. No answer would have been a good one, anyway.
My nipples were stretched as He pulled on the chain when He sat down on the bed next to me. He replaced my hand with His, making me climax over and over again. Just as roughly and rapidly as the clamps were put on my nipples, they were removed. That hurt even more than when they were put on my nipples. And it hurt even more when He placed the clamps on my pussy lips and continued to finger me. His hand touched the clamps as He moved His fingers in and out of me. Pain and pleasure! When I was having my umpteenth climax, He unexpectedly removed the clamps again. His fingers continued to move in and out of my pussy. Another climax and next thing I knew He pushed two fingers into my ass. That felt so good! At that moment a thought crossed my mind: I am becoming a real ass slut, enjoying His fingers in my ass, enjoying the huge orgasms these stimulations gave me. My hand crawled back to my crotch and I asked for permission to touch myself. The permission was granted.

I softly touched my clit, enjoying the feeling of His fingers in my ass. I did not want to climax too quickly – I wanted to savor the feeling as long as possible. My fingers continuously moved around and over my clit. By the time my urge to climax grew, I touched myself harder. But something was missing.
“You may be a bit rougher,” I dared to say.
He needed no more. His fingers moved harder, deeper, rougher. It hurt. It excited. It lit a fire. My fingers danced around my clit. The fire raged through my body. My orgasm exploded from me, wave after wave, until I could bear no more touching.

He lay down on the bed next to me. He ignored my heavy breathing. My hand was placed on His hard cock. I stroke it, enjoying feeling His hardness.
“Put it in your mouth,” He ordered.
I did. His one hand was on the back of my head; His other hand held my hair so He could see my mouth, see me sucking Him. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath. His hand behind my head held my mouth close to His cock. I opened my mouth to take Him in my mouth again. I would not stop sucking until I was told that I could stop. I felt His cock growing even harder inside my mouth and my mouth was stretched as He pushed deeper into it. At times I felt His cock touching the back of my throat. The hand behind my head was firm and just as I had the thought, He spoke.
“Tonight you will swallow. You haven’t done that enough lately.”

I continued my sucking. When He stopped pushing in and out of my mouth and His hand behind my head held me even firmer, I knew what was coming. I felt His warm cum in my mouth. I wanted to swallow, but He was pushing down so hard that I almost gagged. I pushed back against His hand, caught my breath and swallowed almost at the same time. I was just in time to cover His cock with my mouth to swallow the next spurt of cum. And the next one. It was indeed quite some time ago that I have swallowed His cum. It tasted good. Seeing His satisfied face after He had remove my collar, made me feel happy.

© Rebel’s Notes

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