The airport

They were outside on the panorama terrace of the international airport, enjoying the warm summer sun. The wooden bench that they were sitting on were in the far corner of the terrace. Directly in front of them – on the tarmac – was a big Boeing. The passenger boarding bridge was already in place. Apparently preparations for it to fly out to a far destination were well underway.

She looked at the people scurrying around on the tarmac. Her husband’s hand was on her knee. His fingers moved in a walking motion as he started to pull her long skirt upwards, bundling the fabric in his hand. He pulled her skirt way up, exposing her knees, her upper thighs. The fabric of the skirt now rested just above her crotch. Her exposed pussy was instantly wet. Horny feelings took hold of her. She could not care if anyone saw them. She wanted this. Her husband did not even have to tell her to spread her legs. The sun on her inner thighs and her husband’s finger slipping between her labia sent a thrill through her body.

Even though she did not mind if anyone saw them, she still did not have the courage to just close her eyes and surrender to her husband’s fingers. She felt her wetness, felt his finger slipping in her, felt him using her wetness to lubricate her clitoris. She looked sideways, but there were no people close to them. Turning her head a bit more she noticed some people further back. They were all paying attention to a Boeing that was pushed backwards, ready to go to the runway to take off.

When she turned her head back, she saw him. Right in front of her. Instinct wanted her to close her legs and pull her skirt down. She did not. Her eyes were fixed on the front window of the Boeing. In the cockpit – she could not help to smile at that word – she saw a man. The pilot? From the clothes he was wearing, it looked like he could be a pilot. He was looking straight at her, watching them. She smiled and he smiled back. Her husband saw him too. She spread her legs some more.

The world now consisted of only the three of them. She allowed all the feelings inside her, all the sensations to take her on this journey. She enjoyed. The horny expression on her face was not to be misunderstood. Her eyes were fixed on the man in front of her, not wanting him to divert his eyes. For a moment she pulled her low cut shirt down to expose one of her breasts, cupping it for the stranger to see. His broad smile sent shivers through her body. The urgent moving of her husband’s fingers allowed her orgasm to escape from her body much sooner than she wanted it to. Just in time. Someone appeared in the cockpit behind the pilot and the couple heard voices approaching behind them. Her husband pushed her skirt down gently and it fell back in place, covering most of her legs.

One more glance at the pilot, who smiled back at her. She sighed as she sat back against the back of the bench, in awe that one of her fantasies were turned into a real experience.

“How did you know?” she asked, knowing he would understand her question.

“I read your journal,” he smiled and kissed her.

© Rebel’s Notes

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2 thoughts on “The airport

  1. @Molly
    mmmm so you are a dirty exhibitionist too, right!
    I just have to go out more and do these kind of things! I think our upcoming holiday is the right time to start with some exhibitionistic adventures 🙂
    Thanks for your comment!
    Hugz & kisses

  2. This had me wriggling in my seat….it is the eye contact between her and pilot that does it for me…the whole thing appeals to the dirty exhibitionist in me


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