On my way home

At the end of June my best friend and I went to the spa. There was a time when we went at least once every 6 weeks, but in the last year both her and I have been sick, so we went less than we would have liked to. We never look at the weather to decide when we go. If it’s a cold or rainy day, we mostly stay inside. We swim, we sit in the hot tub, we enjoy the bubbles in the whirlpool or we endure the sauna for a maximum of five minutes. When it’s better weather, we like to be outside. Three times now we have both been sunburnt, to different degrees. When we are outside we like to be in the bubble bath, or to swim in the outside pool, or to float in the salt water bath. Bliss!

When we went at the end of June, it was one of the hottest days of that week. Temperatures ran up to 34 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. We tried to be sensible and did not lie down in the sun to sleep. Both of us love to sleep outside and had even once done so on a cold, but sunny day in November! When we had something to drink on the terrace, we sat in the shade. But what we forgot was that when we were in the swimming pool or in the salt water bath, we were in the full sun. So both of us got sunburnt again.

I never know how I will feel when I come home from the spa. Mostly I am a bit horny after hanging out with my sexy friend all day, but sometimes I am so tired that I only want to sleep. On that day at the end of June, I was mainly horny. The hotness of the sun tends to have that effect on me. The warmer it is outside, the hornier I am. While my friend was still in the car with me, I could feel that my pussy was wet. I was not wearing any panties. After I had dropped my friend off, I had to drive through a rural area. It was on that road that I started playing with my nipples and eventually pulled my top down to expose my nipple. There were other cars around and cyclists on the bicycle path next to the road, but I could not care whether any of them saw anything. Out came my phone to snap a few pictures…

 Maybe next time I will have the guts to tell my friend that I am horny… who knows what might happen then!

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