My collar

He put my collar around my neck for the first time in weeks. He was supporting Himself against the pillows; I supported my back against His chest – my body forming a 90 degree angle with His.

“How does it feel,” He asked.
I turned my head to look at Him. Just as our eyes locked, I remembered: I am not allowed to look at Him when I have my collar on. I turned my head away.
“You may look at me tonight. And you don’t have to ask for permission to climax. I want you to just enjoy.”
I smiled at him and closed my eyes when he started fingering me, circling my clitoris, bringing me multiple orgasms. I was relaxed, I was enjoying, I wanted more – more orgasms. Then He put the clover clamps on my nipples. The pain made me climax more. The more orgasms I had, the more sensitive my clitoris became. Involuntarily after each orgasm I pressed my legs together.

“Keep your legs spread,” He said. Calmly at first, stricter later. When I started to close my legs, he slapped the inside of my thighs and then he slapped my pussy.
“I said to keep your legs spread,” He said each time he slapped me. My thighs did not sting as much as my pussy. The sensations between my legs alternated from soft touching, to fingering, to climaxing, to slapping. It took quite some slapping before I succeeded to keep my legs spread after an orgasm.

“Your cunt should be available to me at all times,” He said, “whenever you wear your collar, all your holes should be available to me. I want to be able to use them however I wish to, whenever I wish to. Your holes should not only be ready for me, but to anyone I wish to allow to use them. If your holes are not ready, how can I or anyone else use them?”

He was smiling at me. I smiled back.

“So,” He said, while tapping my collar, “Collar. Holes ready. For me and anyone else I allow to use them. Right?”

I nodded as I felt my pussy spontaneously go wetter than it already was after all the orgasms.

© Rebel’s Notes

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