Mi Moneda

For almost two months, every time we walked pass the jewelry store where almost all my jewelry were bought, I had to stop and look in the window. They had ‘Mi Moneda’ jewelry on display. I did not only look at the jewelry in the window – I also visited the Mi Moneda website to see what they had to offer.

Mi Moneda has pendants with an interchangeable system. You can open the pendant and put another coin in it. Of course, the fun is to collect the coins. It works more or less in the same way the Pandora bracelets work, but since I am not a bracelet kinda girl, I had my eyes set on the Mi Moneda pendants. Looking at the website there was one coin that I totally had to have! It has the text “CARPE DIEM” on the one side and on the other side it says:

Live the life
you love
Love the life
you live

To me this coin is symbol of my life how it is now. Looking back on my life, I have come a long way, went through lots of downs, and several ups. But my life as it is now, is wonderful. I have the perfect marriage (yes really, I have!), I have a wonderful job, I have beautiful kids! I have made contact with my inner self. I have at last admitted and accepted my sexual nature. I have accepted myself. I have embraced the beauty of myself.

I have decided to just be happy. To just live my life. To enjoy it. To embrace everything in it. And that is why I just had to have this coin. Because yes, I am living the life I love and loving the life I live!

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