What does the ideal woman look like? Should we believe that all women should look like the super thin models? Is that what the ideal woman should look like? Or should we believe that the ideal woman is the kind of woman that has been used for the latest commercials of Dove? Women with natural curves?

I believe that portraying the last category in commercials is more honest than the very thin women you sometimes see on television. But who decided what the ideal woman looks like? Should we look at the models in commercials or in magazines and want to be like them? To look like them? Or should we just be happy with whom we are and accept ourselves how we are?

I have curves. I did not love them at first, but in the last year I have come to accept them. My Husband loves my curves. He loved them from the first moment he saw them. And that… me loving my curves, my Hubby loving my curves… that to me is all that counts. My curves are mine. They belong to me. They shape me. Literally. This is what decides what the ideal woman looks like. The acceptance of oneself.

I am the ideal woman…

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13 thoughts on “Curves

  1. @KaziGrrl
    I do have my days when I feel less comfortably with my own body, but I have come to accept it most of the time.
    Happy to read you are comfy in your own skin 🙂
    Hugz & kisses

  2. Fantastic post, Im loving my curves as they are currently being lived and appreciated. It's giving me such confidence in my own self belief.

    You are a very sexy woman xx

  3. I am almost there in the loving of my curves. I was totally brainwashed by advertising and am only now starting to see that my curves are beautiful. I am beautiful. We are beautiful!

  4. All I can say, is that there is no fun in a “straight” roller coaster! You are a very very beautiful young lady! Love who you are, love those who love you for who you are1 Tell the rest to pound sand!!! Great post!!

  5. Absolutely, I believe so much damage has been done by advertising the beanpole woman as the model to follow!

    I do have some body image issues but am more or less comfortable in my own skin and applaud anyone who is comfortable in theirs 🙂


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