Bus Tour: The touch of one woman (1/3)

Continued from Soft touches (3/3)

Rebel was surprised when the bus started moving again very quickly after the women had departed. She wondered how many people got onto the bus during the very short stop. Yet again she could see nothing from behind the blindfold, no matter how hard she tried. Rebel listened for noises around her, but it was quiet. Just when she thought she might be entirely alone, she felt some movement on both sides of the bed.

“Your cuffs will be unclipped,” her husband said to the left of her, “then you will slowly get off on this side of the bed. You will be led to your next position. Understood?”

She nodded. Simultaneously her wrists cuffs were unclipped. She was thankful that she could relax her arms for a bit. Her shoulders hurt. The wetness between her legs drew more attention than the pain. Both her ankles were unclipped from their restraints too. She sensed that her husband got up from the bed. Rebel swung her legs of the bed. She stood up and immediately felt her husband’s hands on her shoulders. Inch by inch she shuffled forward until her husband held her shoulders firmly as a sign for her to stop. She stood still. Rebel heard a rustling at her feet. Then the sound of metal on metal again. Something was clipped to the cuff on her left ankle. Seconds later she knew what it was: a spreader bar. She was slapped on her right ankle. Rebel spread her legs, but apparently it was not wide enough. Another slap against her ankle. She spread her legs some more. The spreader bar was clipped to her right ankle too. Her feet were just more than half a meter apart from each other.

Something pressed against her lips. She waited. It pressed a bit harder. Rebel slightly parted her lips, trying to feel what it was. It felt smooth, hard and rounded. The thing slipped between her lips, now touching her teeth and still the pressing continued. Involuntarily Rebel opened her mouth. The ball gag slipped into her mouth. The straps on it were pulled tight behind her head. Rebel moaned. She had never had a gag in her mouth before. Will she be able to swallow or will her saliva drip all over her chin and breasts as she had read in other stories? She tried to swallow and she managed to do so, even if it was a bit difficult with the gag in her mouth.

Rebel had no time to worry about the gag anymore. Her handcuffs were quickly clipped together. She heard the sound of a chain. Then the sound of a chain being pulled through something metal. When her arms were pulled up she knew what was happening. Soon her arms were stretched above her head and held in place by the chain. With her legs spread by the spreader bar and her hands tightly tied above her head she could not move at all.

Someone brushed her hair aside. Rebel could feel and hear the breathing against her ear. Soft lips touched her ear. Her ear was slowly licked. Then she heard the whisper in her ear: “I want you Rebel, I want to take you in my arms, I want to make you cum, I want to use you as my little toy… and make you smile.”

Source: unknown

The words sounded very familiar to Rebel. From deep inside her memory she found the origin of her words. Then it was as if a light snapped on in her brain. The accent. The woman’s accent. It’s undoubtedly… Australian! No, it can’t be! She can’t be here! How have they managed to keep it a secret from her? Surely her husband must have known that she would be here? It must have been much easier for this beautiful Australian woman to keep this secret from her than it must have been for her husband. Everything fell into place: the face mask that covered a big part of her face, the beautiful blonde hair, the petite woman, the accent… yes! This was the woman she had met online. The woman she had spoken to for quite some time now. The woman she wished she could have given herself to. The woman who sent her a photo saying that it made her think of… another light went on. The photo! The woman in the photo had her hands tied above her head, had long red hair much as her own and she had a ball gag in her mouth, much the same as Rebel had at that very moment. And… the woman had an expression of pain on her face.

To be continued… The touch of one woman (2/3)

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