Bus Tour: Soft touches (3/3)

Continued from Soft touches (2/3)

Soon Rebel was spread-eagled on the bed again. She was still a bit wet from the washing before the flogging and spanking. Different hands were now rubbing her body down with towels, bringing it to glow and burn again. Behind the blindfold Rebel could still see nothing, no matter how hard she tried to see even a glimpse of light. Suddenly there was lots of movement all around her. She felt the warmth of breaths on her nipples and feel tongues touching her already erect nipples. At the same times a mouth covered her pussy and a tongue was slipped between her lips. She was horrified. How would she be able to withhold any orgasms if stimulated like this?

Her nipples were softly bitten, then licked, then sucked. The sensations sent shivers down her spine. Shivers that were met by the shivers that ran up her spine from the licking of her pussy. The tongue moving in and out of her pussy made her moan. It felt so good. The soft touch, the gently licking had her realizing that there was a woman between her legs. The gently biting of her nipples, the soft sucking of her hard buttons had her wondering whether the mouths pleasuring her there were that of women too. The tongue between her legs moved from the inside of her pussy to her clitoris. It stopped for a moment and Rebel felt her lips being parted. The moment the sucking of her clitoris started again, she heard her husband’s voice.

“You are now allowed to have as many orgasms as you can manage, dear slut of mine.”

These words were the cue to someone who was not on the bed yet. Rebel felt more movement on the bed and then on both sides of her face. The warmth that soon surrounded her face was evident of someone straddling her face. Male or female, she wondered. Then the sweet scent of a woman’s cunt entered her nose. She sighed. This was something she dreamed about for so long. Rebel so wanted to taste another woman again, but never dared to make the first move to someone she found interesting. Now the move has been made for her. A fantasy bus ride, her husband had said. A fantasy…

Rebel stuck her tongue out, trying to determine how far the pussy was from her mouth. She did not have to guess for long, as the blindfold was pushed up and removed from her head. She blinked her eyes a couple of times to get used to the light. The woman straddling her face blocked her view from the rest of the room. Rebel could not see the woman’s face either, but she did not mind. All she wanted was to taste the smoothly shaven pussy in front of her. Taste it while feeling the different sensations in her own body… licking and biting of her nipples, even some pinching now… and the sucking of her clitoris, with a finger stuck deep into her pussy. Even before she had the first taste of the pussy, Rebel had her first of many orgasms.

Rebel softly licked each of the pussy lips in front of her, pushing them aside with her tongue. She loved the feeling of the soft flesh on her tongue and the taste that went with it. She ran her tongue from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Tasting the inside of each pussy lip presented to her. She loved the taste and loved to feel the pussy getting wetter under the touch of her tongue. Rebel pushed her tongue as deep as she could into the hole of the woman hanging above her face. Then she focused her attention on the clitoris, which was rigid and erect. It was clear that the woman was excited, that she was enjoying the touch of Rebel’s tongue. Slowly Rebel circled the woman’s clitoris with her tongue. She sucked, licked and sucked again. Rebel copied the movements of the mouth pleasuring her own clitoris and she feels another orgasm building inside her. She stopped licking and sucking the clitoris for a moment and pushed her tongue deep into the woman’s cunt, tasting her juices. She tried to fuck the woman with her tongue, moving quicker as her orgasm neared. Rebel sucked hard at the clitoris again, and harder as her urge to climax built higher and higher. The moment she felt her own orgasm taking hold of her body, she tasted the juices of the woman deep in her mouth. She was not the only one who had an orgasm.

While being tied down, Rebel sucked more pussies. She counted six women around her, all of them wearing masks, making it impossible for her to recognize them. They constantly divided their attention between her nipples and her pussy, each taking her turn to suck her and bring her to orgasm. Rebel licked six pussies and had all of them cumming on her face. She loved it – the taste, the smell, the softness of the pussy lips on her tongue. When they were all spent and the women started to get ready to leave again – they must have been close to the next stop for the bus – each of the women gave Rebel a long lingering kiss, their tongues dancing the dance of passion. Rebel was craving for more sex when the women left the bus.

One of the six women did not get off with the others. This woman was wearing a bigger mask than the rest of the women that had left. The mask did not cover only her eyes, but also her nose and the bigger part of her cheeks. It was a small woman with beautiful long blondish hair. She smiled as she walked back to Rebel and put her blindfold back on, after giving her another long kiss.

To be continued… The touch of one woman (1/3)

© Rebel’s Notes

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