Bus Tour: Soft touches (1/3)

Continued from Blowing (3/3)

Rebel was still on her knees. Her husband has not yet given her permission to get off her knees. He was not holding her hair anymore either. She heard some rustling behind her, but dare not look. Her head was down; she was looking at the floor in front of her. On her body the cum was feeling sticky as it started to dry. Her knees hurt from being on them for a long time. Her shoulders hurt as her arms had been bound behind her back for quite some time. And she would love a sip of water. Her mouth felt dry, even though she had swallowed quite a lot of cum.

The rustling behind her continued and she had no idea what was happening. The bus was still parked somewhere. She tried to turn her head sideways only a fraction, so she could see outside the window. Before she could see anything, she was blindfolded. Now she heard movement beside and in front of her. Behind the blindfold she tried to open her eyes to see the floor, and maybe some feet that would give an indication of who was moving around her. However, the blindfold was too tight. She could not see anything, but the black inside of the blindfold.

When the first ankle cuff was placed around her left ankle, she wondered what would be next. Her right ankle was cuffed to. Then her wrist cuffs were unclipped. The dress, which was still hanging around her wrists, fell to the floor. She moved her arms to the front of her body, gasping at the sharp pain in her shoulders. A glass with water was put to her mouth. Rebel slurped at the water, feeling trickles of water running over her chin and mixing with the half-dried cum on her breasts, tummy and mound.

When the glass was empty, Rebel felt hands under her armpits. She was helped to get up and led forward, inch by inch.

“The bed is in front of you now. I want you to lie down on your back,” she heard her husband’s voice. Rebel carefully bent forward to feel where the bed is. On hands and knees she crawled forward to where she thought the pillows should be, then she turned around and lay down on her back, as instructed. The bedding under her felt strange. She thought it would feel smooth, the way satin normally feels, but it felt more like plastic. What Rebel did not know was that the satin sheets were now covered with a waterproof slip-over. Rebel did not have a lot of time to think about the strange feeling of the sheets below her. Both her wrists were pulled sideways above her head at the same time and she heard metal on metal. She could not move her arms. She now knew that someone was helping her husband. The catering woman? Someone else? The sounds of movement around her were just too much for only two people to make. What was about to happen?

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Rebel had no time to dwell on the question. Simultaneously her legs were pulled sideways, exposing her wet pussy. The stockings were pulled down. She heard them ripping as they were torn violently from under the ankle cuffs. Once again she heard metal on metal as her ankle cuffs were clipped to whatever was holding her legs in this position. She was now spread-eagled on bed. The lust she felt has subsided a bit, but was not gone. It instantly returned to full strength when she felt a finger slip into her pussy, at the same time that both her nipples were pinched very hard. Rebel could not stop a loud “aauuwww” coming from her mouth, which only landed her some more mean pinching.

“You are still not allowed to climax, slut. Remember that!” her husband said. His voice was coming from the bottom end of the bed. He was fingering her pussy. Who was the person pulling so hard at her nipples? Yet again, she had no time to dwell on this question. She felt an orgasm building up inside her and had to concentrate all she could to prevent it from happening.

To be continued… Soft touches (2/3)

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