Bus Tour: Blowing (3/3)

Continued from Blowing (2/3)

There was only one more man left for her to suck. When he came to stand in front of her, Rebel opened her mouth and wanted to lean forward to take his cock in her mouth. The cock in front of her face disappeared as he bent down to grab the hem of the dress she was wearing. In one swift movement he pulled it up. When he pulled it over her head, he smeared some of the cum on the dress on her forehead and nose. The dress was stuck under her bound arms. He pulled it backwards over her head and let it drop. Now the dress was hanging around her bound wrists, but Rebel did not even feel it. She looked at the man standing in front of her. He was looking her up and down, studying her stockings, quarter cup bra and naked pussy. Then he stepped aside so all the other men could see her too.

Her husband grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back and to the side. She gasped and at the same time the fifteenth man shoved his cock deep in her mouth. He fucked her mouth with long, slow strokes. Rebel held her tongue rigid to lick the bottom his cock. There was nothing more she could do than just to allow him to move in and out of her mouth. She felt a sharp pain in one of her nipples. Her hair was held tight and she could not turn in the direction of the pain. Rebel wanted to look at her husband, wanted to know where the pain was coming from, but the hand in her hair and the cock in her mouth prevented her from doing so. Her husband twisted her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger too.

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Rebel felt her pussy going wetter than it already was. She felt the need to have it touch. Lust was building up inside her. There were times in the past where she had climaxed without having her pussy touched. But she was not allowed to cum. The cock in her mouth, moving in and out, making her gag at times, the hurt when her nipples were twitched, feeling her own juices running down her thigh. The horniness inside her needed release. But she was not the only one who needed release. She heard the man fucking her mouth grunt and Rebel was ready to swallow his load. As he was about to climax he pulled his hard member from her mouth and started spraying load after load over her body. Cum landed on her tits, on her stomach, on her shoulders. Small rivers of cum trickled down towards her mound, her thighs. Cum soiled her stockings and she even felt a puddle of wetness forming at her knees. Some of the wetness was the fluids of the fifteenth man, some of it was her own fluids. She felt the pulsating of her pussy, the erectness of her clitoris, but managed not to climax from pure lust.

Within minutes the men were all dressed and without even looking at her, they started moving towards the door. Rebel realized that they have pulled into their next stop, but she had no idea where they were.

To be continued… Soft touches (1/3)

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