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On Monday and Tuesday this week some things happened on twitter that made me re-think my being on there. Some things that happened left a bad taste in my mouth. Other things gave me a very uneasy feeling. Feelings I did not like at all! And still don’t like!

On my way back from work yesterday afternoon, I gave the two twitter days some thought. Why did I join twitter? Where did it all start? It started shortly after I started this blog. I wanted a place where I could post my sexy stories – true or fantasy – so, I started the blog. But when you have a blog, you want readers too. My next step was to start following some other blogs. It was on one of those blogs that I saw that the lady was on twitter too. At that stage I did have a twitter account – an account where my kids follow me too. Of course I immediately realized that I could hardly post links to my sexy blog over there. A logical step was a second twitter account, one where I could post sexy links and link up with sexy people.

Many, many moons ago I was a chatter. Way before twitter, way before blogs. To me, the twitter timeline I am on is like one huge online chat room. I like the people in there… well, most of them. Unfortunately, occasionally, someone less likable comes along. I’m always polite to these people, and mostly the conversations turn out to be okay and very few. Yesterday, for the first time since I am on twitter, I blocked someone. Two actually. This did not make me feel good, but it was necessary! They were insulting. They were rude. They were unmannered. They insulted my Husband. Don’t insult my Husband!

On twitter I am who I am in real life. No, I won’t tell you what my real name is. I won’t tell you where I work, what I do for a living, where I live. I protect my life, because of my kids, my work. But what I say in my tweets always is true, always comes from my heart. I am who I am and I never pretend. When I want to have fun, I have fun. When I’m hurt or in a bad mood because of real life, I mention it and then move on. I’m not on twitter to moan, but at times when I’ve mentioned that I was having a bad time, some dear tweeps have supported me. They know who they are. I appreciate their kind words. I am an honest person. Not only in real life, but on twitter too. When someone tells me that they are honest, I believe them. And I hate to be proven wrong. Which has happened. Why pretend to be something else on twitter than you are in real life? What’s the use of that?

I did not only start with twitter to be able to promote my blog – I started because I was looking for some online sexy fun. Yes, I hope to get in touch with someone there with whom I could have some sexy fun in real life. There are people on there who I would love to have a relationship with, but they live on the other side of the world. Nothing to be done about it, so I don’t sulk. That is just the way it is. Deal with it. Who knows, twitter might be the medium through which I meet a likeminded lady in this country, with whom I can have a sexy relationship. Or I might meet her somewhere else. Who knows? None of us know what is waiting for us around the corner.

Do not try to ‘claim’ me on twitter. I have committed myself to one person and one person only. My Husband is not only my Husband, but my Dom. He owns me. He decides what I do when it comes to sex. Not in any other part of my life, because I am an independent woman, with lots of life experience and with a very responsible job. I can definitely think for myself and make my own decisions. But I have CHOSEN to submit myself to my Husband. I WANT him to own me. That does not make me weak at all. In fact, it makes me STRONG.

I have met some lovely people in my twitter timeline. I love talking to them. Most of the people I talk to – and who talk to me too – are REAL people. People who are having fun on twitter but who fully realize that twitter does NOT equal real life! Also, I am not on twitter to talk about sex only. I care about the people I have met there… the three couples I follow… the ‘grumpy’ bear… the one that gives me big digital bear hugs… the sweet, sexy ladies & kind, handsome men in the UK… kind men in Australia… my special twitter friend in my country of birth… a puppet… the lady who sends me digital ‘bugs’… my fellow sub-ladies and some of their Doms… a smart ass Canadian lady… my fellow painter friend… the writers I follow… and then of course the one man I follow who I’ve met in real life, other than my Husband that is. I might have forgotten to mention some of them now, but all of those I have frequent conversations with are special people.

Unfortunately some of the people I had conversations with turned out to be… to be… rude, unmannered, unreal. After blocking some, I have decided to go back to the beginning. Why did I join twitter? I started twitter for fun, not for adding any drama to my life. I am a caring person and on twitter the people I follow will have and get my support. I will laugh with them, cry with them, have fun with them, tease them. I will support them as much as I can… as much as is digitally possible. There are some of them I would love to meet in real life and if ever there’s a possibility, it will probably happen. But most of them will only be my twitter friends and nothing more. I don’t want or need twitter drama in my life. In my opinion drama causes negativity and I have had enough of that in my life. I’m done with that. I am on twitter for fun and anyone who spoils my fun, will be bid farewell.

From now on I will not forget this anymore: twitter is for fun, not for drama!

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4 thoughts on “Twitter Thoughts

  1. Amen, you have hit every great thing about twitter and the reason my wife and I are on it. We too have been affected by the “drama” of folks who think they own others and have cut them out.

    Good on you for resetting your thoughts, we both love you on twitter. You are one of the best.

  2. I agree with everything you've said here. Twitter is my fun place. Do not fuck that up! I A friend asked me yesterday what happened to the fun, gratuitous nudity?? lol. Yeah, let's go back to that.

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