Kama Sutra 28 Days

So many of us have heard of the Kama Sutra positions, but what exactly are these positions? Two beautiful ladies ‘explain’ it in this video…


When I hear the words ‘Kama Sutra’ I think of something totally different. No, no, it still has to do with sex, but it has nothing to do with the positions of Kama Sutra. I think about a sex show that I want to go to. Maybe we will attend this year and we might just try out the cinema, where I can let myself go, in other words, if I want to play with myself while there are strangers around me in the other loveseats, I could just go ahead. Or we might decide to enter the labyrinth where erotic things can happen in any corner – there I might touch someone else or allow someone else to touch me, without knowing who the other person is. Or I might go and watch another couple having sex. Kama Sutra is all about sex, whether you talk about positions or the show!

Kama Sutra, here we come!

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