He knows me so well

I groaned audibly when I got up from the couch to go to bed. My arms hurt, my shoulders hurt and the muscles in my legs felt as if I had a huge workout recently. Feeling like this has been going on for about two or three weeks now and in the last days it was getting worse. Hubby has ordered me to get my rest. Only two of my daily tasks were still to be executed – the nipple charms and the ‘pussy check’. He did not want me to wear my collar or be spanked as He first wanted my body to heal. I was very grateful for this.

However… I also missed it. I just did not know how to tell Him. I tried, but I could not. As said, I just did not know how to tell Him. I know I can discuss absolutely everything with Him, but when it’s about myself or my feelings, I can hardly ever find the words to even start such a conversation.
I was a bit irritated one evening – irritated with myself for not just telling Him how I felt and irritated with Him since He said nothing about missing it as much as I do.

The next evening was my painting evening. When I went there, my arms hurt, my shoulders hurt, my neck hurt. I started painting and the pain got less, probably because I was relaxing. Only towards the end of the two-and-a half-hour painting class did I feel the pain come back again. Maybe because I was tired. When I get home from painting class, I never go to bed immediately. We first drink something together before we go to bed. We were both busy with what we normally do when we get to the bedroom, until a couple of minutes later I was ready to go to the bathroom, to prepare for the night. I normally go to the bathroom first, then my Husband follows. I was still on my side of the bed when I caught Him looking at me. I looked at Him, questioningly.

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“You will wear your collar tonight,” He said.
I did not think that I heard correctly what He said.
“What?” I asked, with a spark of hope.
“You will wear your collar tonight,” He said again.

By now I was standing on His side of the bed, in front of Him. He took me in His arms and held me. Then He held me at arm’s length and looked at me.
“I want to see you with your collar,” He said.
“Why have you decided this?” I wanted to know.
“Because I know you want it. I know you need it.”
I look at Him, not knowing what to say. Many thoughts raced through my mind: Did He know? Did He understand my irritation of last night?

He pulled me closer and whispered: “And I want to do it because I am claiming what is mine. You are mine, and I am taking possession of you.”
I felt tears in my eyes. He understood. He knows me so well! We kissed. We hugged. We kissed again.
“You may choose: only the collar, or do you want to feel pain too?” I was grateful that He asked. With the pain in my arms and shoulders I was not sure whether I would be able to handle clamps anywhere on my body.
“Only the collar, please?”
“Then it will be only the collar,” my Husband said as He pulled me close to Him again. Then I went to the bathroom and when I walked back into the bedroom, my collar was on the bed, waiting to be put on my neck.

I had my night dress on, but my Husband ordered me to take it off. I turned my back and held my hair up so He could put the collar on. It felt good. The leather fitted tight around my neck and it felt good! He ran his hands over my arms, over my back, making me shiver. My hands were slowly pulled backwards so I could feel how hard He was. He wanted to know whether my arms were okay to reach behind me. It was, for that moment. Then He bent me slightly forward, dipped a finger in my wet pussy and next His finger started a search for my asshole. He slowly entered it with His finger. Fingering my asshole made me climax twice.

He pulled me closer to him again and whispered in my ear: “Do you still remember what you are?”
I nodded.
“What are you?” He asked.
“I’m a slut,” I answered.
“Indeed, you are. MY slut!”
I nodded again.
“I want you to lie down on bed, in the middle. Spread your legs as wide as possible, so you can play with yourself. You are allowed to cum, if only you remember to count how many times you have climaxed while I am out of the bedroom,” He explained my task for the next fifteen minutes. I walked around to my side of the bed. I was happy to lie down as the muscles in my shoulders and arms painfully reminded me that they were still there. He was not ready to leave the room yet. He sat down on His side of the bed and slipped His hand between my wide-spread legs. He softly touched my pussy lips and then entered my ass again, fingering me. I almost immediately felt my next orgasm building. I was horny and it seemed the more I got, the more I wanted. I enjoyed the feeling of His finger in my ass. Then He bent forward and His tongue found my clit. Oh. My. God. This felt like heaven. I climaxed quickly. He did not stop – neither with His finger, nor with His mouth. A second climax quickly followed the first. Only then did He stop.

“Finger yourself and don’t forget to count,” my Husband said as He left the room. I followed His orders. I played with my clit, fingered my wet cunt, played with my clit more, rubbing softly, rubbing harder, pulling at my piercings, rubbing some more. My clitoris became more and more sensitive. My nipples were hard without even being touched. Climax after climax. Wetter and wetter. I was so horny and just could not get enough of my fingers teasing my sensitive flesh. There was a moment that I stopped. I did not want the big O to rip through my body just yet, as it mostly leaves me so sensitive that I don’t want to be touched for a while. When I stopped, I cupped my pussy and waited for the intense feeling to subside. It did, but in that moment I lost count. To be fair, I counted what I thought was orgasm number 10 twice. Just when I heard the door to the bathroom open, orgasm number 13 wet the bed under my buttocks even more.

“How many?” my Husband asked as He walked back into the room.
“Thirteen,” I answered as He sat down on the bed next to me.
“Thirteen?! You are such a slut, are you?” I nodded.
“What kind of slut are you?” He asked.
“A horny slut,” I answered.
“Indeed, you are a horny slut and you like to be treated like one,” He said and I nodded again.
“You like to be treated like one,” He said again and from the tone of His voice it was obvious that He was waiting for an answer. I made a sound in agreement.
“You like to be treated like one,” He said again.
“Yes, I like it to be treated like a slut,” I said.
“See, it’s not that hard to just admit it,” He said as His hand found my pussy and His finger found my sensitive clitoris.

“Open those legs! Wide!” He ordered. I did.
He softly start to rub my clitoris. It brought an intense feeling to my button; almost a burning sensation. It was a wonderful feeling, but the intensity sometimes wanted me to squirm away from His hand. Every time I moved, he just said “wide!”. I climaxed, over and over again. I started to squirt and under my buttocks I felt the bed getting wetter. When I climaxed, I tried to close my legs, causing my Husband to snap at me: “Wide!”

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He said this repeatedly – I climaxed over and over again. I tried so hard to keep my legs spread wide, but after each climax I wanted to bring my knees back together. He slapped the inside of my thighs and snapped “wide!” each time I did that. I willed myself to keep my legs spread. When at last I succeeded to do so and to bear the intense stimulation of my clitoris, I had another squirting climax. The next one followed seconds after and just as I thought it was over, a third one followed. Fluids ran down my buttocks onto the bed.

“You are so fucking wet,” my Husband said, “you are such a horny slut. You really are a horny slut. A whore. And you’re all mine.”
With this He slipped two fingers in my ass, which was well lubricated by all the juice that came from my pussy. With His thumb He rubbed my sensitive clitoris. I moved my hand towards my crotch and He allowed me to touch myself. At first I only rested my hand on my throbbing clitoris, enjoying the movement of His fingers in my ass. Then slowly I started to circle my clitoris with one finger. Soon I was rubbing it with two fingers, alternating between soft and hard. That familiar feeling of an all-consuming orgasm started to build. My nipples hardened, begging to be touched, begging to be hurt. My tummy and my thighs tingled. I slowed my touching, to savour the feelings as long as possible. But I wanted to feel that huge climax so much that I increased the pace at which my fingers moved. An explosion followed from deep inside my body. My orgasm lasted long, arched my back, contracted my muscles.

Slowly my Husband removed His fingers from my ass. I was still trying to catch my breath after the huge orgasm when He pinched my nipples – hard. Each one a couple of times. It hurt. A lot. I wanted more. I wanted Him to stop. I felt tears stinging my eyes. He stopped and removed my collar.
“You can now look at me again.”
We kissed. I could not stop smiling. I was happy – a happy subby. Feeling owned, feeling as if I found my lost place again. We kissed again.
“You climaxed about thirty times in total tonight,” my Husband said with a smile.
“The bed is very wet,” I said and blushed.
“I know,” He said and we kissed again.

Soon after I was on top of Him as He fucked me, riding Him, climaxing twice more. When I lay in bed next to Him afterwards, I was still smiling and glanced at Him every now and then. The next day at work I was happy and smiling, even though my body was still hurting and I slept very little due to the pain. All I could think about was the previous night. I thought about how well He understood me, that even though I have said nothing, He understood that I wanted Him to submit me to His will again, that I did not want to wait until I was better, that I was ready…

He knows me so well… *happy subby sigh*

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