Female Ejaculation

As known by now, I love sex. And when I’m sexing, the bed gets wet quite frequently. I started searching the web for some more information on wet female orgasms and I found this.

Female Ejaculation
Commonly referred to as “squirting” or “gushing”, female ejaculation during orgasm is an often misunderstood phenomenon. For most of the last century, there was controversy over whether it existed at all.

More than likely you’ve heard stories about female ejaculation. The subject has also been made popular recently by pornographic videos. Still it’s hard to find actual details and helpful information out there. Many people are completely clueless as to what female ejaculation is and why it occurs.

While, from a medical point of view, there isn’t a lot of proven research on female ejaculation, we at least have enough to get a fairly good view of what it is, why it happens, and maybe even how to make it happen.

Female ejaculation is real and it isn’t new
Amazingly, female ejaculation has been recorded as far back as Aristotle. The Roman physician, Galen, also wrote about a “thin fluid that manifestly flows when they experience the greatest pleasure in coitus”.

Seventeenth century Dutch anatomist Regnier de Graaf wrote a book about female anatomy in which he spoke about a female fluid “coming in one gush” during sexual excitement. Female ejaculation is also mentioned in the Kama Sutra and centuries-old Japanese texts.

Modern studies
Up until fairly recently, western society has suppressed discussions and studies of a woman’s sexuality. Even worse, ignorant physicians have tried to “cure” women who thought that something was wrong with them because of their ability to ejaculate.

In the early 1980’s the book “The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality” was published by doctors John Perry, Beverly Whipple, and Alice Kahn Ladas. It not only brought the G-spot into the public eye, but also addressed female ejaculation.

While the findings were limited, they were enough to force the medical and scientific community to begin acknowledging female ejaculation as a normal, healthy function.

No, it’s not urine
Female ejaculate is not urine! Although it can contain small traces of substances found in urine, it’s actually an alkaline liquid that bears more resemblance to male ejaculate than urine.

The fluid is produced by the para-urethral glands, which are also known as the “Skenes Glands” or female prostate. It’s made up of glucose, fructose (found in male ejaculate), and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) a protein that is also found in male ejaculate.

Produced in small quantities it will be a silky, mucous-like fluid that may have a musky smell, as the volume increases it becomes clearer and loses all scent.

What causes female ejaculation?
As the G-spot is stimulated, the surrounding erectile tissue swells with fluid from the para-urethral glands. Rhythmic contractions of the pelvic muscle during G-spot orgasm expels the accumulated fluid through the urethra (not the vagina).

Para-urethral glands vary in size and number from woman to woman. In fact, they may be completely missing in some women. This may explain why some women are able to forcefully ejaculate and some cannot.

In rare cases, the glands and tissue are able to quickly refill with fluid. This can cause a considerable amount of liquid during ejaculation.

Can all women ejaculate?
Arguably, since they all have a prostate gland, all women produce ejaculate. However, studies estimate that the amount of women who actually do forcefully ejaculate is between 10% and 50%.

The ones who don’t ejaculate probably are, they just don’t know it. It may be seeping out in small amounts and mixing with the rest of her body fluids. Many women have trained their bodies to hold back the ejaculate in the mistaken assumption that it is urine.

Embarrassing or amazing?
Some women are extremely embarrassed by their ability to ejaculate, feeling that is “messy” or “dirty”. This embarrassment is perpetrated by ignorant partners who are put off by the fluid, usually because they think it is urine.

A great lover (usually an educated one) will be extremely pleased to make a woman ejaculate. They’ll know that it was because she felt comfortable, safe, and relaxed enough to utterly let go and experience the most amazing orgasm possible.

Source: http://www.findingtheg-spot.com

Hmmm, I’m in the mood for more. I love to feel the extra wetness between my legs! On to more and more ejaculating…
And by the way, I certainly want to hear of ladies out their who squirt too 😉

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