Bus Tour: The Setting (2/2)

Continued from The Setting (1/2)

He pushed on the inside of her thighs, wanting her to spread her legs. She looked at him pleadingly, not wanting the woman to catch on to what he was doing. When she did not respond to his pushing gestures, he pinched her thighs. She gasped but immediately spread her legs a bit. He hooked his finger on the elastic of her panties and slipped a finger between her pussy lips.

“Mmmm, you are wet, my love,” he said in a normal voice. Rebel blushed. There is no way the woman behind her could not have heard what he said. She gasped again when his finger slipped inside her pussy, soaking up her wetness and then circling her clitoris. Oh no, she thought, he’s not going to make her cum, is he? Not here. Not now.

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She looked at him, pleading with her eyes for him not to do this. He just smiled at her and continued the movements of his fingers. Okay, she thought, I can cum silently. The woman will never know it and he will be happy. Then we can continue this bus ride. She surrendered to the feeling between her legs. She allowed the sensations to take hold of her body. The flickering flame of excitement between her legs grew into a small fire. Her breath was quickening, but she made no sound. She could hear that the lady was still moving around on the other side of the glass. Her husband altered the pressure on her clitoris, stimulating it very lightly and then pressing down a bit harder. Rebel felt the fire growing and sensed that her orgasm was nearing.

When suddenly the woman appeared in her line of sight, Rebel was too shocked to move. Without any acknowledgement to the couple, the lady filled their coffee cups with fresh coffee. When she turned to walk back to the kitchenette, she looked at Rebel and smiled. There was no way that the lady could not have seen what was happening. Rebel had no time to contemplate on the woman’s behavior towards her. A finger slipped into her pussy, then moved back to her clitoris, into her pussy again. When her husband pressed down hard on her clitoris again, moving his finger from side to side and up and down, she felt her nipples harden. Soon her silent orgasm flooded through her loins.

“Take your panties off,” her husband ordered. She shook her head, which made him pinch the soft flesh of her thigh again. She tried to do it unnoticed, hooking her thumbs in the elastic on the side and trying to wiggle it off her hips.

“Stand up and take your panties off.”

She stood up, blushing and took her panties off. He held his hand out for the panties, stood up and handed them over to the woman, who was already standing in the opening between the two glass separations. He sat down to drink his coffee. Rebel did not know what to think of what just happened. She walked back to the recliner she was sitting in earlier and sat down to drink her coffee. She was confused. What was about to happen? The bus? The bed? The woman who now had her panties? With these thoughts in her mind, she looked at her husband and saw him looking at her with a smile.

If only you knew what I have planned for you, he thought as they both heard the engine of the bus roaring to life, ready to start their day trip.

To be continued… Blowing (1/3)

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