Bus Tour: The Setting (1/2)

He had a surprise for her. They were going on a fantasy bus tour that day, he told her. They would visit some interesting places all around the country and would be home to sleep in their own bed again late that evening. Being with him all day was something she loved. And to have a bus all to themselves? She thought it was quite an exciting idea, although she wondered how he got to the idea. All he wanted, he said as they left the house, was for her to enjoy the day. To think about nothing else but her own enjoyment. Well, Rebel thought, she could do that. Little did she know what he had planned for the day…

When they parked the car she saw a couple of buses in the parking lot and wondered whether the one they would have for the day was there too. Seeing the buses she realized that they were quite big and wondered whether they would really have it all to themselves. He told her to wait at the car while he went inside to take care of the paperwork. When he returned he had a man and a woman with him. They were both in uniform. When they got to her the man and the woman introduced themselves to her. She was informed that the man would be their driver for the day and the woman would tend to their “inner” needs. When she looked at her husband questioningly, he laughed and explained that the woman would take care of the catering during their trip.

They walked over to the bus. Rebel’s jaw dropped when she saw the inside. About two meters behind the driver’s seat was a glass wall. This wall was repeated on the other side, leaving an opening in the middle. Directly behind the driver’s seat was a kitchenette. Seeing the state of the art facilities she was sure that some very nice catering could come from there. On the opposite side of the kitchenette was a chair, obviously for the caterer to sit in. And around that chair were several small screens on which the rest of the bus could be seen.

They stepped through the opening between the two glass separations, going up two stairs. The lady stepped through the opening with them. In the far corner to the back of the bus was a small bathroom, the woman explained. Rebel would later discover that there was a toilet, a basin and a shower in it. Between the bathroom and the rest of the bus was another glass wall, but this wall had one-way see-through glass. You could see through it from the inside out, but not from the outside in. Even so, when Rebel used the toilet and shower later that day, she had the feeling that everyone could see her.

Between the two glass walls was a room with four recliners in it – one in each corner. Next to each recliner was a small side table. Other than that the room was empty. The floor was covered in a luscious thick black carpet and the walls were coated in red leather. Rebel thought that the way the recliners were positioned was a bit strange, because it left a huge opening in the middle and did not look cozy at all.

“And of course, there’s still one thing missing from this room,” the lady said, as if she has read Rebels’s mind. She stepped to the recliner on their right and reached to glass wall behind it. Only now did Rebel see a series of buttons behind the recliner. The lady pressed one of the buttons and immediately a soft humming could be heard. Rebel stepped back as two oblong hatches opened up in the floor. One was directly next to the wall on the left. On the other side a narrow path remained between the wall and the hatch. When the hatches formed a 90 degree angle with the floor, the humming continued and Rebel saw that the floor between the hatches started to rise. When the humming stopped the room was transformed into a bedroom. A huge bed now filled the empty space between the four recliners.

“While we get everything ready for the trip, please make yourselves at home,” the woman said, smiling at them, “Would you like something to drink?”

They both wanted coffee, since it was still early in the day. They each settled in a recliner. The driver was writing in a log book while the woman conjured sheets and pillows from somewhere and started making the bed. When she was done, the red and black satin sheets matched in perfectly with the black carpeted floor and red walls. The woman walked into the space with the kitchenette just on the other side of the glass separations where Rebel and her husband were each sitting in a recliner.

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Her husband looked at her and tapped on the armrest of the recliner. She tilted her head, looking at him questioningly. He tapped on the armrest again. She stood up and sat down on the armrest, her legs pressed against his. He stroked her legs, pushing the dress she was wearing up. She pulled the hem of the dress down back to her knees. He slapped her hand and looked at her. His eyes told her to obey. Again he stroked her legs and again the fabric of her dress was pushed up. Soon the stockings she was wearing (his orders) were revealed. Rebel nervously looked at the woman who was busy on the other side of the glass. She paid no attention to the couple. Her husband softly brushed her pussy lips and then stroked down her one leg and up the other one, brushing her pussy lips again.

To be continued… The Setting (2/2)

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  1. Hi Marie , I’m catching up on your previous stories and am absolutely loving them.
    I am in awe of you and your stories❤
    Love Howie

    1. Thank you for reading them, Howie! I still remember the fun I had writing ‘Bus Tour’.

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