Bus Tour: Blowing (2/3)

Continued from Blowing (1/3)

Rebel nodded. From his back pocket her husband retrieved a set of handcuffs. He ordered her to turn around. When she did she looked at fifteen men. Fifteen naked men. Fifteen naked cocks in different stages of excitement. She blushed a deep red. At the same time she felt a trickle of fluid running down her thigh to the edge of her stockings. Obediently she waited for her husband to cuff her wrists. He clipped the cuffs together behind her back.

“Get on your knees, slut.” She did.

The catering woman appeared in Rebel’s line of sight. She had totally forgotten about the woman and the driver, and just at that moment she heard the engine of the bus starting again. They were about to drive off again. To where? Rebel had no idea. The catering woman took orders from the men and soon she was back with the drinks and some snacks. From where she was on her knees, the scene in front of her seemed surreal. The woman acted as if she was used to serve fifteen naked men every day.

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Her husband stood at her side as the first man walked towards them. He stood in front of her and his half hard cock was right in front of her face. She looked up at her husband and when she saw the stern look on his face, she knew that she would obey. Rebel turned her head back to the cock in front of her. She softly licked along the side of the medium-sized penis, tasting it, feeling the texture with her tongue. Then she let her tongue run over the tip of the cock and licked up the other side. She felt it harden a bit under her touch. Licking back down, she stopped when she was back at the tip and opened her mouth. She took the head into her mouth and moved her tongue around it. Rebel paid special attention to the frenulum. She knew that her husband loved when she flicked her tongue over his frenulum. Feeling the cock hardening in her mouth made her realize that this man liked it too.

Rebel moved her head forwards and backwards, making room in her mouth to take the cock in, to suck it, to lick it, to feel it, to taste it. She would have loved to use her hands, but with them cuffed behind her head she would just have to make this man cum while using only her mouth and tongue. Rebel sucked harder, then softer. Then she let the cock fall out of her mouth, licked the sides of it and then took it in her mouth again, sucking soft, then harder. The man moaned. He started to gently rock his hips forward and backwards, slowly fucking her mouth. Rebel pulled back a bit, only to feel her husband’s hand behind her head. She wanted to look at him, but he held her head in place. The man in front of her took his hard cock in his hand. Then he started pumping in and out of her mouth. Rebel could not suck anymore. All she could do was to offer him her mouth to fuck. Her husband held her head. Rebel felt his cock pulsate before his cum filled her mouth. She could swallow some of it, but some also ran down her chin. When the man pulled his penis out of her mouth, no one made any attempt to clean her chin and the next man was already waiting for his turn.

The next one had a somewhat thinner cock, but he was already hard before Rebel even touched him. He smeared the cum of the first man over her cheek with his cock. He pressed the tip of his member against her lips, but when she opened her mouth, he pulled away. She was teased like this for a while and on another attempt to take him into her mouth, he suddenly pushed deep into her mouth and started fucking her. All Rebel could do was to keep her mouth open. She almost gagged as he repeatedly hit the back of her throat. When his cum filled her mouth she let it run out of her mouth and she felt it dripping from her chin. Damn, she thought, my clothes will be filthy after this. Inwardly she smiled for having a thought like this, at that very moment.

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The third man pressed his cock in her mouth the moment he stood in front of her. He kept still and allowed her to lick and suck his cock. At the same time he stroked himself. When he was about to cum he pulled out of her mouth and spurted the cum in her face. Rebel licked the cum that hit her lips off, but felt clots of cum sticking to her cheeks. The fourth man also spurted his cum in her face, very quickly after Rebel had started sucking him. Some of his fluids got stuck in her hair. The fifth man pushed his cock into her mouth and let Rebel suck him. But only for a couple of moments. With his hand he pushed his cock against the inside of her cheek and let it slip out of her mouth with a popping sound. Then he pushed it back into her mouth and let it slip out again. Pop! Pop! Pop! It was right after one of these popping sounds that Rebel felt his cum hit her in her hair and ear. Her husband’s hand was still behind her head, reminding her of her task. There were still ten men waiting to be satisfied.

Rebel lost count of the men lining up in front of her. She had thick cocks in her mouth, thin cocks, long cocks and shorter ones. Some spurted their cum in her mouth, some in her face, some in her hair. All the time her husband stood beside her and whenever she tried to turn her face away from a cock, he grabbed her hair tight and turned her head back; held it in place. Sometimes he pushed her head towards the hard penis in her mouth, almost causing her to gag. Her face was a mess. She had dried up and wet cum on her chin, on her cheeks and on her clothes. He knees hurt and she would love to be able to sit – or even lie down – but she knew better than to ask.

To be continued… Blowing (3/3)

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