Bus Tour: Blowing (1/3)

Continued from The Setting (2/2)

Slowly the bus left the parking lot. The driver turned onto the road that leads to the highway. Rebel had no idea where they would be going. What happened just before the bus started has left her with mixed feelings. She was excited but also very nervous for what might follow. She knew that her husband had a wicked mind. She knew that she had to obey him. She submitted to him. He was her master. He decided what happened to her body, when it happened and how it happened. When she decided to submit to him, the decision was not made lightly. She trusted him. She knew that no harm would become her when he was near her. He would always protect her. But still she was nervous… nervous because she did not know what to expect of the rest of the day.

They have been driving on the highway for about half an hour when the bus headed into the city closest to the town they were living in. They headed to a huge bus terminal. Once the bus stopped about a 100 meters from the building, Rebel got up and walked to the window. The driver got his log book out. The woman was standing next to him. They were speaking softly. Then the door opened and the woman got out. The woman turned around and looked up to where Rebel was standing. Spontaneously Rebel raised her hand and waved, but the woman did not wave back.

“She can’t see you,” her husband said behind her, “it’s one way windows.” Rebel haven’t seen this when she got on the bus, but later she would be grateful that indeed they bus had one way windows.

Rebel watched as the woman walked over to the terminal building. Fifteen minutes later the woman re-appeared. She was about twenty meters away from the building, walking back to the bus when Rebel noticed that a couple of men were following her. When the woman turn around to talk to the two men walking closest to her, Rebel knew for sure: those men were coming to the bus. She quickly counted them. Fifteen! Fifteen men were following the woman to the bus.

Her husband was watching her intently. He saw the understanding on her face and smiled.

“I told you we are going on a fantasy bus tour, my love,” he said. Rebel looked at him questioningly. But only for a couple of seconds. Then the penny dropped. A fantasy bus tour. Fantasy. One of her fantasies…

She looked back out the window. The woman and the fifteen men were now very close to the door of the bus. No. He would not. Or would he? No. Before she could say or ask anything, the first man entered the bus, greeted the bus driver and then entered through the glass separations. Her husband was now standing next to Rebel. The way her husband greeted him made it clear to Rebel that this was not the first time he saw this man. The man was formally introduced to Rebel. He shook her hand and looked her up and down with a broad smile. Rebel blushed. Each man was introduced to her; each gave her a hand and looked at her with lust in their eyes. And each man greeted her husband in a way that made it clear that they have met before.

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“These men,” her husband said, looking at her and waving his arm to indicate the men, “all want to be pleased.” Rebel did not dare to look at the men behind her. She heard them moving around, but she did not want to look at them. Rebel was feeling very self-conscious. She could feel the wetness of her pussy, her hard nipples, but she was also shy. She had this fantasy about a lot of men, but really, she never thought she would ever get into a situation like this. She was fully prepared to just let it be a fantasy all her life. Had Rebel turned around to look at the men at that moment, she would not have been shocked when her husband later ordered her to turn towards them.

“You will please all of them with your mouth. You will not use your hands, only your mouth,” her husband said as he smiled at her, “You will not be touched. You will not be allowed to touch yourself. You are not allowed to cum. Clear?”

To be continued… Blowing (2/3)

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