Ass play

We went to bed. Both tired. We both had to work the next day, and it was late. But, I was horny…

My Husband was still taking things easy with me, allowing my body to start its healing process, not expecting me to do my “heavier” daily tasks. He did say that we will soon start to build those tasks up again, but the time was not right yet. I look forward to when I have to start my tasks again, but I am thankful for the time He is giving me to heal.

I never ask for sex. I never say that I am horny. But when I go to sleep feeling horny, I don’t sleep well. So when I feel horny and I want my Husband to know, I try to make Him understand through my actions. This evening I turned on my side, my back towards him. I wiggled my ass and made a sound. He put His hand on my hip. His hand was on top of the duvet. I wiggled my ass again, making another sound. He slipped His hands under the duvet and discovered my naked ass. I always sleep without panties, but I had now deliberately pulled my night dress up.

He softly stroked over my buttocks. I arched my back, pushing my backside towards him, offering Him both my pussy and my ass. He ran His hand up and down my buttocks, barely touching my pussy, barely touching my asshole. His hand moved in the same path over and over and each time he moved closer to my dark hole. Until He stopped at it and pressed harder against it. Electric shocks ran through my body. He moved His finger in small circles, trying to relax my asshole so he could push His finger in. I moaned. This is a feeling I love!

I heard Him rumbling behind me and then I felt the cold lubricant on my ass. Soon He slipped one finger into my ass. Oh the feeling… the feeling… it’s indescribable. I moaned. I enjoyed. He slipped a second finger in. I felt filled. I was very relaxed and very excited at the same time. In and out His fingers moved. I was still lying on my side, enjoying the intrusion in my body. For a little while I tried to ignore the fire that has started in my clitoris. I wanted to feel only the sensation of the fingers moving in and out of me.


I rolled over on my back, spreading my legs. Just as I touched my clitoris, He slipped another finger in my ass. I was rubbing my clitoris. The feelings mixed, excited me more. An orgasm. His fingers kept on moving in and out. I played with my clitoris. Another orgasm. I gasped when He slipped a fourth finger in my ass. It did not hurt at all. Apparently I was more ready for this than I have assumed. The tingly feeling that ran through my body when I realized He had four fingers in my ass – adrenaline? – caused me to intensify my stimulation of my clitoris. I moved my fingers as hard and quick as I could. He matched my pace.

My inner thighs started tingling. Then I felt the same feeling in my stomach. And in my nipples. The tingling feelings started to move in my body, as if they were liquefied. Like water all those tingly feelings ran down to the lowest point in my body… my pussy. They exploded in a huge orgasm, contracting all my muscles, leaving me almost breathless.

Soon after I was on my side and my Husband fucked me from behind. I was content and happy when I felt His hot cum in my pussy.

© Rebel’s Notes

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