Thoughts on Master/Sir & sharing

On twitter, the following question was asked by murph23x :

“She does not call me Sir or Master because I require it, she does so she is driven to, from within” Comments? Anyone?..please?


To this my Husband answered that I do not call Him Master or Sir. One reason being that using either of those words would sound silly in our language. Also, the equivalent of those words in our language does not have the same ring as Sir or Master. I do speak to my Husband with the respect that’s required. Most of our D/s relationship happens in the bedroom at this stage of our lives. There I call Him exactly the same as I call Him when we are going shopping, for example. But still it’s different. My voice is different, even though the words are the same. There’s more respect in it. What I feel is different. I feel my submissiveness and it is evident in my voice. This is enough for us.
(Whenever I write about our D/s relationship, I use the word Sir as the way I address him. Reason for this is that translating the word I use for him in our language will sound very funny in writing!)

Then a couple of days after posting this question on twitter, murph23x had another interesting tweet: I was asked this question last night..”do all Doms desire to dominate a submissive just so she can be shared with others?” and he followed it with this tweet: my answer..I dominate you so that we may enjoy the pleasures of your submission, not so others take advantage of them, as they are treasures.

Another tweep mydesire answered: however, it should be said that if a Dom finds his submissive special enough to display or share, it is an honor. (imo)

And here I totally agree with mydesire. My Husband has always said that He will protect me, that He will always look out for me, that He will always be with me, wherever we go. But He has also said that He would love to share me. He has shared me a lot already, not physically, but online. And He loved the reactions of other men and women on photos of me. He still wants to physically share me with someone – be it a man or a woman. And of course He will be there to watch out for me, to see what happens, and to be proud of me – His sub, His wife.

(written on 24.04.2011)

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