Paying the fine

(A fantasy)

Early evening. Dusk has just set in. Damn! She’s been working late on this late summer’s day and she thought that she would have a smooth drive home. There must be an accident up ahead. Or roadworks. Damn! She was tired and she wanted to get home.


Moving forward inch by inch and bored with the situation, she thought about her best friend. Rebel grabbed her cell phone and sent her friend a text message. She almost immediately got a reply: I’ve just read your blog and I have to say, I love today’s post… Mmmmm.

Rebel texted back: Did my story make you horny? Her friend confirmed that it did! Rebel typed: mmmmmm I’m horny too. Dunno whether it’s because you’re horny, or because of the warm weather and my short skirt.

She was just about to hit the ‘send’ button when she heard a tap on her window. Oh no! Oh no! This is bad! First the traffic, now this! The police officer on his motorcycle on the other side of her passengers window motioned for her to roll her window down. She did.
“Please follow me, ma’am,” he said.
She nodded and saw him first looking at the cell phone on the passenger’s seat and then his eyes flashed to the hem of her short skirt.

Rebel followed him on the emergency lane, passing the other traffic in the traffic jam. He drove to a big parking lot behind a gas station. She parked her car in one of the parking lots. In her rearview mirror Rebel could see the lights of the cars in the traffic jam through the bushes shielding the parking area from the road. In the twilight she could just see the man getting off his motorcycle. As he started walking towards her car, she grabbed her bag to get her driver’s license.

Again the traffic cop tapped on the window on the passenger side of the car. Rebel rolled the window down again.
“Please open the door ma’am,” he requested.
Rebel rolled the window back up and unlocked the door. The traffic cop got into the car and in the process of sitting down he picked her cell phone up. She could not see his face as he still had his helmet on his head.
“May I see your driver’s license, please,” he asked as he switched her cell phone on. The unsent text message immediately appeared on the screen.
Rebel tried not to blush and to keep her calm as she held her driver’s license out to the law enforcer. He did not even look at it.

“Please get out of the car ma’am,” he politely asked as he started to get out of the car.
Rebel got out of the car and closed the door. She walked around to the other side of the car where the traffic officer was looking at her cell phone again. She felt so embarrassed. All she wanted to do was to get this over with – show him her driver’s license, get the fine that she knew she would get and go home. Once again she held her driver’s license out for him to take.

mmmmmm I’m horny too. Dunno whether it’s because you’re horny, or because of the warm weather and my short skirt,” the man read her text message out loud.
Rebel’s cheeks turned bright red. The traffic cop looked at her, starting at her feet and following the line of her legs up to the hem of her skirt, which was halfway between her knees and her crotch. Then he looked at her face, down to her breast, back to the hem of her skirt and then back to the cell phone.
“Were you typing this while driving, ma’am?” he asked, holding up the cell phone and now looking at her.
Rebel nodded.
“And you know that it’s prohibited by law to use your phone during driving?”
Rebel nodded again.
The officer pulled his notebook from his back pocket. Rebel sighed, partly because of the fine she would get and partly because at least this ordeal was almost over.

“Can you please fill your name in over here, ma’am?” the officer asked as he put the notebook on the bonnet of her car.
Rebel stepped towards him, took the pen he was holding out to her and turned towards the notebook. Before she could bend over to write her name, her arms were grabbed from behind and held tight. Then she heard some metallic clicks and she realized that her hands had been cuffed. For texting while driving? This was ridiculous!

Rebel wanted to turn around to protest. Before she could, he pressed his body between the back of hers, pinning her between him and the car.
“We can fix your fine right here, ma’am,” he hoarsely whispered.
“But…” Rebel started to protest.
“We can fix your horniness too, ma’am,” he whispered again.
Rebel hesitated. Something deep in inside her stirred. The uniformed man took her hesitation as approval. He bent forward, pushing Rebel’s upper body down on the bonnet with his upper body. He straightened up again, now firmly resting his hand between her shoulders, holding her down. The hem of her skirt was roughly lifted and with his free hand he firmly fondled her ass, running his finger over and under the thin line of G-string. Ungentle he yanked her string down. Rebel heard her the zipper of his pants. She sensed some fumbling behind her and then she felt some warm hard flesh pressing against her buttocks.


“Spread your legs,” he commanded.
These words brought Rebel back to reality. It was as if she was in a trance up to the moment he uttered those words.
“No. No, please. I will pay the fine,” she said and tried to turn around.
His hand pressed down harder on her back.
“Ma’am,” he politely said, “I asked you to spread your legs.”
Rebel writhed, but he firmly held her down. Suddenly her right leg moved to the right. The traffic officer had swiftly kicked her right foot and with his leg he prevented her to put her legs together again. In one smooth movement his hard cock entered Rebel’s wet pussy.
“This. Is. The. Way. You. Will. Pay. Your. Fine.”
With every thrust he spoke. Rebel feebly tried to protest. She wanted to protest because she thought she had to. Because it was expected of her. Because that is what a lady would do. But deep down she just wanted to enjoy this. She was horny and she wanted to be fucked. Once again she moved as if to get out from under his hand, but he just pushed her harder towards the car. Rebel surrendered to the situation. Her rational thoughts were clogged by horniness. She started to meet his thrusts. The traffic cop noticed this. The hand on her back disappeared. He hooked his arm under Rebel’s right leg, pulling it up. Rebel’s pussy was now totally open and inviting every thrust of him in.

He let go of her leg, allowing her to put it back on the ground. Still pushing into her hard he covered her back and her cuffed arms with his upper body, grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples through the fabric of her top. He hurt her, but this just excited Rebel more. She moaned. She climaxed. He climaxed.

Ten minutes later Rebel drove onto the highway again. The traffic jam was gone and fifteen minutes later she was home. She did not have a fine, but she did have a dripping pussy…

© Rebel’s Notes

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