I was impatient. Very impatient. And I told him.

Why was I impatient? I’ve read about tasks that other subs got from their Doms and I was feeling a bit jealous. Jealousy is not actually an emotion that I frequently have, but this time I had it. And I told him. He told me that he was taking it step by step, making me get used to submitting to him. Already it was second nature to wear my nipple charms every day, which was my very first standing order. My second standing order was to have a smooth pussy every day and let him check it. That too was starting to get second nature. Coming from the bathroom I offer him my pussy every morning, to check whether it’s smoothly shaven.

But I wanted more. I told him that I knew that he was making me take small steps, but that I wanted more. He understood that I wanted more, but said that he was not planning to rush into anything only because I want it. That he is setting the pace and that I just have to be patient. I’m not, I replied. All of this correspondence happened in email and when I got his next email, my heart missed a beat. He wrote: when you get home, you will wear your plug as soon as possible and tonight you will get a lesson in patience.

Fifteen minutes before he got home, I was already wearing my plug. My pussy ached to be touched, but I knew that I would have to wait. This was not part of the patience training though. What was part of the training was when he called me over to stand next to him. In previous similar evenings he would have brought me to a quick orgasm or two. Just enough to make me last until we go to bed. Now he touched my pussy and rubbed my clitoris through my thin pants, but just as I closed my eyes and really started to enjoy it, he stopped. He waited for a couple of minutes and repeated it. I was not allowed to climax.

When at last we went upstairs, I was very ready. When I went to the bathroom to prepare for bedtime, I took the plug out. I always do and then when I’m in the bedroom he will tell me whether I should put it back in. I was allowed to leave it out. I had to go stand in front of him and offer him my ass for a spanking. He slapped both of my ass cheeks several times, leaving them burning. This was a new standing order: I have to offer him my ass for a spanking every evening from now on.

My collar was put around my neck and as from that moment, I was not allowed to look at him anymore. The chair in front of my dressing table was positioned about a meter away from it, right in front of the center mirror. I had to sit down. I was ordered to put the clamps that he had put on my dressing table on my nipples. When it was done, he started rubbing my clitoris and said: “You are not allowed to climax without permission.” I was very close to a climax, having worn the plug all evening. When I asked whether I was allowed to cum, he refused. I bit on the inside of my cheek, trying to prevent my orgasm. Just as I thought I could not hold anymore, he stopped. He waited for a couple of moments and then he started to rub my clitoris again. The orgasm started building again. Then he stopped again, just at the right moment. He kept on with this until at last he said that I could climax. He barely touched my clitoris as I felt the chair under me go totally wet.

“I am going to the bathroom now. While I am gone, you will constantly play with yourself. You are allowed to climax. If I come back and I am not pleased with the wetness of that cunt of yours, the clamps will go onto your pussy lips.”
While he was gone I kept on rubbing my clitoris, climaxing several times. I rocked forward and backwards at times and had this intense urge to have something in my ass. But I had to wait. It felt as if he stayed away longer than he normally did. When he came back, he was very pleased with how wet my pussy was. The chair under me was soaked.

He ordered me to stand up and started wrapping rope around my waist, down between my legs and up at the back. My buttocks were pulled apart by the rope, which only intensified the feeling I already had. I wanted something in my ass so badly. Before I could ask, I was ordered to bend forward. The flogger came down hard on my ass. Over and over again. Then he stopped, fingered me and refused to give me permission to climax. The flogger worked my ass again, I was fingered again and only then I was granted permission to climax. I did. Twice. The second time I had an orgasm without asking for permission. Immediately I was ordered to bend over again and the flogger did it’s work again.

I was ordered to sit down on the bed and he shoved his hard cock into my mouth, fucking it. Over and over he asked: shall I spurt in your mouth or shall I fuck your pussy. His cock was in my mouth and I could not answer him. He did not want an answer, he was testing my patience. He decided that I should sit on top of him, but since I was still wearing my collar, I was not allowed to look at him. When I asked for permission to climax he refused, waited for a couple of minutes, seeing the expression on my face as I was concentrating hard not to have an orgasm, and then said: now you may cum. He repeated this a couple of times until he grunted as he spurted his body fluids deep into my pussy.

This evening he wanted to teach me to have more patience. This was the first step to learning patience and at least I realize now that if I’m impatient, I should not say it. I’m just happy that he at least allowed me to climax a couple of times during the evening and did not refuse me altogether!

(written 28.04.2011)

© Rebel’s Notes

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