Know your place!

I was in a giggly mood. Not all evening, but as we were about to go to bed, I was in the mood to tease him

Since two weeks ago my son wanted to know what noises he heard coming from our bedroom (“it sounded like someone was smacked… flesh on flesh”), my Husband has stopped spanking me in the bedroom. This made him more creative, which you have read in one of my previous posts (Kitchen Play). In my giggly mood I asked my Husband if I should stand on my knees in front of him and he said no, I can go to the kitchen and wait there. Apparently there was a wooden spoon that was waiting to do some work.

I did, but as I walked into the kitchen I switched the light of the extraction unit above the stove off. Now the giggles almost took over my body. I knew he had to get the spoon from the drawer and it being dark, he was not going to be able to see where the spoon was. I dropped my pants and waited for him. He came into the kitchen and switched the light of the extraction unit on again. I made a remark that someone might see me from outside and he said that he did not care. The first blow of the spoon on my naked skin did not hurt so much. Neither did the second. But when blow after blow landed on the same place, it started to burn. My giggles disappeared. They only re-appeared when he stopped, but this time it was because I was nervous. A snort-giggle-sound escaped my mouth and nose and he turned around to look at me. I bit on the insides of my cheeks not to laugh. I had the feeling that something new was about to happen. I was not wrong. My giggly mood was soon to be over.

We went upstairs and as always I went to the bathroom first to prepare for the night. When I walked into the bedroom, my collar was on the bed, as was the clover clamps with the chain. The chain was looped through the ring on my collar. I stood in front of him, my back turned to him. He put the collar around my neck. The cold chain was dangling between my breasts. The cold clamps rested against my stomach. I expected him to turn me around to put the clamps on my nipples and that I would then have to sit down on the edge of the bed and wait for him to come back from the bathroom. However, he held my shoulders and turned me. I wanted to turn and face him, but he stopped me halfway.

“Get on your knees”, he said.
I did.
“I want you to get as close to the bed as you could,” he ordered.
I moved closer to the bottom of the bed. Our bed has curly cast iron bars at the bottom. My mind was racing. What was he going to do?

He took one of the clover clamps, ran the chain through the cast iron bar and attached the clamp to my left nipple. Then he ran the chain on the other clamp through the iron bar and put the clamp on my right nipple. I stayed very close to the bed.

“You can even move backwards,” he said, as if he read my mind and he pulled me back, holding my shoulders. The chain pulled tight and my nipples were stretched in the clamps.
I was relieved when I could move towards the bed again and relax the chain.
“You will now wait until I return from the bathroom,” he said.
I knew it could take ten to fifteen minutes until he would be back in the bedroom again. Okay, I thought, I can do this.
“This is another little lesson in patience. And for you to understand that I will be obeyed. It seems I have to repeat this more frequently, as you tend to forget your place!” he said before he left the bedroom.

At first I was okay on my knees. I carefully kept close to the bed. I did not want the chain to pull tight on my nipples again. Then my knees start to ache. And my hips. And my back. I really had to concentrate to stay close to the bed. I supported myself on my arms, trying to unburden my knees. It helped for a couple of seconds and then my knees started to ache again. I was relieved when he came back into the bedroom. He saw me supporting me on my arms.
“Next time your wrists will be cuffed behind your back,” he whispered in my ears.

When he removed the clamps from my nipples, I moaned. It hurt… a lot! He ordered me to get up and sit on the side of the bed with my legs spread wide…

(written on 27.05.2011)

© Rebel’s Notes

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