Going Banana

In our early dating days my husband and I had quite some sexual experiences, which must definitely have been a prelude to what we are exploring in our sexual life now. I used to visit him, since my place was not suitable for what we mostly had in mind: sex!

I cannot remember exactly how the evening started, but I do remember what happened later on the evening. Have we spoken about this before it happened? I don’t know. How did we come to doing this? I cannot remember. What I do remember is that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A chair was put in the middle of the room. I sat down on it. Naked. My arms were tied behind my back, behind the back of the chair. My ankles were tied to the two front legs of the chair. My legs were slightly spread. He was very gentle with me, that I can remember. Kissing me, softly stroking my shoulders, my breasts, my legs. Touching my pussy, gently. If he knew back then what he knows now, he might not have been as gentle.

He left the room to go to the kitchen. When he came back, he had a banana in his hand. A big one! Now, years later, I think he selected the banana on size! It took no hard guessing to know what he was planning to do. The banana was cold, very cold. He slowly traced the outline of my breasts and nipples. My nipples were hard, standing proud, asking to be touched. The banana found its way to my legs – down the outside of my leg, up the inside of my leg. Then the other leg. He carefully avoided my pussy. I got used to the coldness of the banana. Or was the banana losing some of its coldness?

It was not. The moment it entered my wet pussy it was as if a piece of ice was shoved inside me. It felt good. Cold and hot alternated. But soon I was not paying any attention to this anymore. The curved fruit touched very sensitive spots inside my pussy. I could feel a tingling in my nipples, in my pussy, all over my body. He circled my clitoris with his finger while he moved the banana in and out of my pussy – slowly.

The feeling of being filled with the big, fat banana was overwhelming. Sooner than I have expected it to happen, I climaxed. The muscles in my pussy contracted, over and over again as my orgasm raged through my body.

This was just the beginning of another evening filled with sex…

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