E-mail & spanking

For a couple of weeks I have been thinking about it. I knew that He was taking it easy on me, as He wanted me to get used to the way He was treating me, especially when we were in our bedroom. Unfortunately, with teen kids around it’s just not always possible to do anything. Modern kids just seem to catch on to a situation too easily!

Even though I knew He was taking it easy and I knew His reasons, I wanted more. I just did not know how to say it. Then we both got ill and needed some rest. When we both were better, one day at work the words came to me. I started an email, which I sent to Him at the end of the day:

I want to submit myself to you. I want to feel your firm hand. Literally and figuratively speaking. I want to feel that you are the boss – every day. I want you to dominate me. I want to be your slut. I want to be your queen. I want to be your whore. I want to be your wife. I want to feel your hand burning on my ass; every day I want to know and feel that I am yours, your possession. I want YOU to decide what happens to my body. Every day. Whether I’m tired or not. I want you to use me as you use your other possessions. Each of your possessions must comply with your wishes. I want that too. I want to feel it every day. When I see my tattoo every morning, I want to remember what happened the day before, no matter how small. I don’t know how to put this in words any cleared. I just have this tremendous urge to submit myself to you. To be yours for 100% – your possession, yours. I love you.

My Husband immediately understood what I said. He said I was very clear and that He was surprised at how quickly I have grown to this point. He wanted to give me more time, but apparently I did not need it. From this point on things gradually changed. Frequently my ass was red – from the flogger or from His bare hands.

There’s one evening, very soon after I have written the email above, that stands out in my mind. We were just in our bedroom, getting ready to go to bed and the only thing I had on my mind then was: sleep. I was a bit tired. I walked pass Him when suddenly my ass burnt. He had slapped it. I turned around and looked at Him in surprise. He grabbed my shoulders and harshly turned my ass back to Him again. Slap. Left. Slap. Right. Slap. Left. Right. Left. Slap. Slap. Slap! I pulled away from Him when it hurt just a bit too much. He grabbed my shoulders, held me till I stood still in front of Him again. Slap. Slap. Slap. Then He allowed me to leave.

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When I came back from the bathroom, He was waiting. I was wearing a nightgown (which I was going to take off when I went to bed, but always put on in case I see one of the teens in the hallway). I stood in front of Him and with his finger He indicated the spot where I should stand in front of him. Then He indicated that I should turn around. Slap. Slap. He pulled my nightgown up.

“You should really start to present your ass to me every day.”

I took my nightgown off. My ass was red when he allowed me to go to bed. Ten minutes later he returned from the bathroom.

“Nipples? Where are they?” I presented Him my nipples. They were pinched, twisted, abused. It hurt, I got wet. I arched my back. I wanted more. His hand found my clitoris. I climaxed. His finger slipped inside my wetness. More orgasms followed. My nipples were pinched again. My clitoris teased again. My pussy got wetter and wetter. I was ordered to take my nipples between my thumb and finger. To pull them. To pinch them. Harder. All the time His finger was on my clitoris, in my pussy and then unexpectedly He slipped his finger in my ass. I was allowed to play with my clitoris. A major orgasm followed. Sitting on top of Him, riding Him while He pinched my nipples, I climaxed again just before I felt His cock pulsating inside me, filling me with His cum.

written on 22.04.2011

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  1. Extraordinariamente bello,
    Extraordinariamente excitante.
    Asi empece yo también con mi esposa,
    Pero no continuamos con el juego, tan solo de vez en cuando. 🙂

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