Day 2: List your kinks

I have put my kinds in alphabetical order, as none of these kinks have more importance than the other. Each kink is the most important at the moment it happens and sometimes my kinks seem to interact with each other, which always is nice and hot!

Since I have discovered anal and ass play, I have been intrigued by it. The feeling it gives me – both the physical feeling as the mental feeling of it being ‘naughty’ is wonderful. And the orgasms when stimulated anally are amazing.

Oh, bisexuality. How would I love to be in a relationship with a woman again! I have been before, but that turned out to be a nightmare. I would love to have an open and honest relationship with another woman, to share fun and laughter and experiences, but yes, also to feel her softness, to kiss her, to taste her.

I love bondage in any way. Being tied down on the bed. With ropes, with cuffs. Or being tied on my knees, or against the wall. Being tied with rope, with chains. I love being at his mercy.

I have grown to love my collar. In the beginning phase of our D/s lifestyle He put the collar on me every night. Even if only for five minutes, but He wanted me to get used to the collar. And whenever I was wearing the collar, I was not allowed to look at him. This treatment helped me on my road to perfect submission. Every evening when we went upstairs, I knew that I would wear the collar. So much so that when one evening I was very tired and He wanted me to get some much needed rest, He decided not to put the collar on me. I was kinda disappointed. My Histoire d’O collar has become one of my prized possessions.

Erotic imagery
I love erotic photos or movies. Sometimes I like to watch porn movies too, but if I must be honest I prefer images that leave something to the imagination.

Erotic literature
I love reading about sex and I tend to picture the words in my mind.

Erotic writing
As much as I love to read about sex, I love it even more to write about sex. Sharing my true stories and my fantasies, just as I do here on my blog.

My fascination with showing myself started when I was quite young. It started out with innocent child play, but in my teenage years I liked showing myself. In my adult years it went further than that – I loved being photographed nude. And not only being photographed, but showing the images to others. Not that I always like the photos of myself, but showing it to others excites me. I don’t only post them on my blog, but we also post some of my ‘harder’ photos on an online voyeur community (pay site).

Feeling the flogger on my ass, the sharp pain, the burning, His soft touch on my flesh, the sting of the flogger again…

Hair pulling
Feeling him behind me, grabbing me hair, moving inside me, hard.
Him pulling my hair to bring me to my knees or to force me to obey Him.

Receiving orders from Him on what to wear, what to do, how to behave in certain circumstances – that makes me feel safe.

Years ago I had nipple piercings and a belly button piercing because I wanted it. The nipple piercings did not heal properly and the belly button piercing was rejected by my body. I had decided that I would not want any piercings ever again. Then I met Him. Very soon He told me that one day He was going to have me pierced. I told Him that it was not going to happen. But I was wrong. Two years later I had my clitoris hood piercing, the day after I moved in with Him. And 6 years later both my inner labia were pierced. Piercings fascinate me, or is it the initial pain that goes with it?

Sexy clothing
In my teenage years I noticed that I like to be dressed in sexy clothing. Now this is not so special, as I think every teenager goes through this phase. As an adult, I have a fascination with sexy clothes. I like to show some cleavage (not that I have much though) and if I am not too overweight, I like to wear short skirts. I mostly love to accentuate my breasts. And I have lots of sexy clothing that we use for making photos or that I put on to please Him.

Being spanked… feeling my ass cheeks burn…

Even though I have arranged my kinks in alphabetical order and this kind ended up on the last spot, it is the most appropriate place for it to be. Why? Because the word ‘submission’ includes most of the kinks I have mentioned above.
I document my submission on this blog. As we go along, I am learning to become His perfect sub.

(written on 26.03.2011)

© Rebel’s Notes

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