Candle wax

After our kitchen play, we had a drink and then it was time to go to bed. It was already midnight, but since I did not have to work the next day, it was not really a problem. Hubby can go with less sleep than I can, even if He has to work the next day.

When I walked into the bedroom coming back from the bathroom, my collar, the clover clamps and a candle was on the bed. Since the masher has touched my ass cheeks earlier and I did not see the flogger on the bed, I suspected that there would be no spanking. I took my night dress off and stood in front of my Husband – naked. He took my collar from the bed. I turned around, held my hair up and offered Him my neck. The collar fitted tight around my neck.

“I want you to lie down on bed,” He said.
“On my back or on my stomach?” I asked.
“You can decide that,” He answered. I lay down on my back, waiting for what would inevitably come: the clamps. Soon they were attached to my nipples and hurting more than ever. My nipples are swollen and sore every couple of weeks (yep, women’s cycles) and this might have been the reason why it hurt more with the clamps on. He fingered me, allowing me to have one or two orgasms.

“I am going to the bathroom now. While I am a gone, you can decide where you want the candle wax. If you want to have the wax on your back, turn around and do not remove the clamps. If you want to try the wax on your front, you may remove the clamps.”
I repeated His instructions to make sure that I have understood them correctly. I did. The clamps were still hurting a lot. I contemplated to remove them and just stay on my back. Then again, as this is the second time He would use the candle, I knew what it felt like when the hot wax dripped on my body. I decided to turn over and lie on my stomach. Very carefully I positioned the clover clamps under me. They even hurt less.


When He walked back into the room, I heard him light the candle. Seconds later the hot wax started dripping on my back. From the top, to the bottom, to my buttocks, to my thighs. Each drop that fell burned and as soon as the burning sensation was gone, the next drop fell on my skin. The drops fell quicker, sometimes two together. The burning sensation grew more intense. Just when I thought I could not take it anymore, my Husband blew the candle out. He brought me to orgasm and then lighted the candle again. Yet again the hot drops of wax fell to my back, burning my skin, and hardening on my body. When He stopped again, he ordered me to turn onto my back.

The moment he removed the clamps I had my hands over my breasts. They hurt so much as the blood started to flow back into my nipples. The candle was lighted again and soon drops of hot wax fell on my stomach. Then He held the candle over my breasts, allowing the wax to cover my nipples and my breasts. My pussy was next. I sighed relieved when he stopped. He ordered me to stand up. I could feel the dried wax cracking on my body and saw some pieces of it falling to the carpet. My Husband started to finger me and soon he slipped a finger in my ass. I rubbed my clitoris, having a couple of permitted orgasms, but the big orgasm just did not happen. When I was ordered to sit on the edge of the bed and suck his cock, I did so. Soon after I straddled him, feeling him deep in my pussy. My ass was up in the air and I felt the need to have something in it.

“Can you imagine someone behind you, playing with your asshole while I fuck you?” He said, as if He had read my mind. I groaned and nodded yes.
“Or another man, fucking your ass while I fuck your pussy.”
Again I groaned. The images in my head were hot, the longing for an intense orgasm was big. My next orgasm was not the intense one I was craving. Soon my Husband spurted is cum inside me. I kept on repeating a question in my mind, wanting to ask him to finger my ass while I rub my clitoris. I so wanted the big O.

I never asked the question. I could not get myself to do it. The day will come when I do not feel this blockade in me anymore. Together we removed the candle wax from my body, then from the floor and we went to bed.

(written on 20.05.2011)

© Rebel’s Notes

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