Another lesson in patience

My collar and leather handcuffs were on the bed. So were the Japanese clover clamps. I was naked. With my back turned to him, I waited for him to put my collar on. The leather of the collar fitted tight around my neck and kept my chin up. He put the cuffs on my wrists and clipped them together with the snap hook. Once the clamps were on my nipples, the thin strings on them were clipped onto the snap hook too. I now had to keep my hands in front of my body not to hurt myself. My Husband demonstrated what would happen when I lowered my arms by pulling my hands down. The strings on the clamps pulled tight and the clamps pulled my nipples down. It hurt.

“This is part of teaching you about patience.”

He directed me to the wall. A chain was attached to a hook on the wall. The snap hook on the chain was clipped on to my collar. I stood close to the wall, the chain kept me more or less on one spot. The flogger burnt on my ass. The movement of my body every time the flogger touched my ass cheeks somehow moved the clover clamps in such a way that my nipples felt as if they were on fire. I tried to steady my body against the wall by supporting me with my fingers but it did not help. My Husband’s finger on my clitoris surprised me. It did not take long before I asked for permission to come. I fully expected Him to deny it, but He did not. I climaxed hard. He even permitted me to have a couple of orgasms, then the flogger again and them some more orgasms. I had to concentrate on keeping my arms bent and my hands in front of me.

“You will wait until I’m back.”

He left the bedroom. The bedroom was dark. It was difficult to orientate myself. I pressed my fingers against the wall to keep standing in one place. Somehow my arms lowered and I only noticed it when my nipples started to hurt. Because I was a bit disorientated, my body seemed to sway a bit, which hurt my nipples too, because even the littlest of movement seems to ‘activate’ the clover clamps. I tried to sit on the arm rest of the chair that stood about half a meter from me, but because I was not supporting my hands against the wall anymore, I more easily pulled on the clover clamps. I think I must have sat for two minutes; then I got up again and stood against the wall, supporting myself.

It took ages before he returned to the room. He repeated the treatment of the flogger and playing with my clitoris until he ordered me to lie down on the bed. I had to play with myself while he watched. Since I was still wearing my collar I was not allowed to look at him. I heard him being busy with something and then felt him when he sat down on the bed at my feet. He rolled one of my labia between his fingers. Blood rushed there, her labia felt swollen. They were probably swollen already due to her excitement. The pain that followed was unexpected. The clover clamps were now on her labia. Another unexpected move was when her Husband slipped a finger in her ass. It felt so good!

My hand moved down to my stomach. I wanted to play with my clitoris, but did not want to do something I was not allowed. I did not know whether I could just go ahead and do it. I asked for permission and it was granted. Playing with my clitoris made the clamps moved. Him fingering my ass made the clamps moved. It hurt. it delayed my orgasm. I was very much in need of release, but the hurt kept me from it. I had to patiently wait for the orgasm to be stronger than the pain. Just when I thought that the climax would overwhelm me, the feeling almost disappeared again. I wanted to feel more in my ass and asked my Husband to insert another finger. I rubbed my clitoris – harder. The clamps hurt – more.

The orgasm that followed was very intense, the pain when he removed the clover clamps even more so. When he removed my collar and I was allowed to look at Him again, He held me and a happy sigh escaped me.

(written on 06.05.2011)

© Rebel’s Notes

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