The major

There was a time when Rebel frequently got in touch with men in uniform. Some of them were her age, some of them were younger, some of them were older. The younger ones were no more than five years younger and the older ones were no more than ten years older. Being an adult, these age difference normally do not matter, especially not when sex is involved.

One evening a group of people had a nice get together at a bar after a heavy week of work. As always happens, the group got smaller and smaller as individuals started to leave to go home. A very small group stayed behind and decided to continue their gathering at the house of one of the uniformed men, the commandant. His buddy, the major, was going to join them, as was some other ranks and some women. It was a group of about fifteen people who go in a couple of cars and followed the commandant to his house.

Once all of them were settled on the couches in a huge family room – each with something to drink – the subjects of the conversations became more and more personal. Rebel was not sitting far from the major. She had always fancied him and was keeping an eye on him. She knew that he was married and that normally meant, hands off! Several times Rebel caught the major looking at her. Somehow Rebel thought that there was more to his gazes than just ‘seeing’ her. Her suspicions were confirmed when he got up, walked out of the room for a couple of minutes and then came to sit next to her.

Apparently no one thought that this was strange, but Rebel felt the tension between the two of them. She recognized it as sexual tension and realized that she was horny. Was it because the conversations have already touched sex as a subject? Or was it because she read more in the glances from the major than she should. Rebel was not the kind of woman who would make a move first, but somehow she radiated sex. At least at that very moment. The sexual tension between the two of them was not new either. They have met each other on several occasions. Each meeting added to the tension they felt between them and it was bound to explode at some stage.

The conversations got hotter and hotter. Rebel joined in. The major joined in. People walked out of the room, stayed away for a while and came back again. The people having part in the conversation kept on changing. When there was loud laughter, the major quickly whispered something in Rebel’s ear, got up and left the room. Rebel waited for a couple of minutes and then followed him, mumbling that she had to go to the bathroom. She did, because the major asked her to meet him there. Rebel was in for some fun. Darn, she was horny and she liked the major a lot. If he wants to fool around, she was going to join in!

As she approached the bathroom the door swung open. She entered and the major locked the door. Without saying anything he pushed her against the door and started kissing her. His hands were all over. On her breasts, fondling them, then on her bum, squeezing it and then he grabbed her pussy and rubbed it through her denim pants. He did not keep his hands in one place for long. It was clear that he wanted this as much as Rebel wanted. The impatience with which he touched her excited her even more. She wanted to feel his hands everywhere. She wanted to feel his hands on her bare skin. She wanted to feel him.

When her hand touched his hard cock, he reacted as if he awoke from a dream. He stepped back, stopped touching her and just looked at her. Rebel realized that the magic was over. No, it was not. The major pressed his body against hers, kissing her and whispering in her ear: “I want you. I’ve always wanted you!”

He opened the door just far enough to be able to see whether there was someone in the passageway. There was not. The major grabbed Rebel’s hand and pulled her with him. The slipped into the spare bedroom closest to the bathroom. Within moments they were on the bed, half naked. The urgency was back in their movements. He kissed her hard, sucked on her nipples, kissed her belly. His finger was on her clitoris, pressing down hard in circular movements. Rebel tried to reach for his cock, but he moved down, pressing his hard member against her leg as he started to lick her clitoris. Rebel lay back and spread her legs even more. He kissed his way back up to her breasts and lightly bit her nipples.

Now Rebel was getting impatient. She moved to the side and rolled him over on his back. She wanted to feel him inside her and she did not want to wait anymore. She straddled him, bent forward and kissed him. Their breathing was heavy – both from excitement and still the feeling of urgency. She felt his one hand on her back, pushing her down while his other hand held his cock upright so she could lower herself over it. For once they moved slowly, savoring the moment as he started to fill her. As frantic as his movements were before, just as slow his movements became now. He wanted to move in and out of her, feeling everything, but Rebel did not want this at all. She wanted him to fuck her, not make love! Rebel took over. She was now riding him, feeling him move in and out of her at a pace she determined. He started to move too, slamming into her. When he slowed down, Rebel kept up the pace. Suddenly he pulled her closer and then banged his cock into her pussy at a higher pace again. With his arms around her, he whispered “you will kill me” and then he pulled out of her.

He was dressed within moments, leaving Rebel behind. His quick departure surprised her. Later she learned that he got into his car without a word and drove off. She never saw him again, but always thought back on this evening with a certain fondness, thinking that she was just too much for a man ten years her senior!

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