Sexual Me: #100FactsAboutMe

On Twitter I have seen the hashtag #100FactsAboutMe and some of my twitter friends have already done these lists. I decided to do it too and have divided it in four ‘categories’: My Person, My Preferences, My Body and Sexual Me.

Here follows Sexual Me, numbers 69 – 100.
Hope you enjoy!

  • 69. My first child was born when I was almost 17.
  • 70. I fell pregnant when I lost my virginity.
  • 71. I’ve once been involved in a relationship with a couple.
  • 72. I’ve had sex with a woman.
  • 73. I’ve had a sexual encounter with three other women at once.
  • 74. I’ve never had sex with two men at the same time.
  • 75. I would like to have sex with two men at the same time.
  • 76. I once had a relationship with a married colleague. When he wanted to leave his wife for me, I dumped him.
  • 77. I love my breasts, even though they are on the small side.
  • 78. I think my pussy is kinda pretty.
  • 79. I love to go around without panties (especially in summer, wearing a dress).
  • 80. I wear a quarter cup bra every day (yes, to my work too).
  • 81. I have to wear my recently acquired nipple charms every day and I love it.
  • 82. Erotic & porn photos of me are frequently posted on an X-rated site (pay site).
  • 83. I love to wear my buttplug.
  • 84. I love to post for erotic photos, but still feel shy when photos are made.
  • 85. I love my submission to my husband.
  • 86. I would love to flash nudity in public.
  • 87. I love to walk around naked and do so all day long when going to the wellness center.
  • 88. In my younger years I loved to go to a nude beach and being looked at.
  • 89. Yes, I’m an exhibitionist.
  • 90. I was grabbed by a female friend in the sauna once… she made me cum very hard.
  • 91. I haven’t been with a woman in 8 years.
  • 92. One of my fantasies is to submit myself to my husband and a woman at the same time.
  • 93. I’ve been sexually abused as a child, but have no trauma because of it.
  • 94. I first flashed my pussy to a boy (neighbor) when I was 13.
  • 95. I love to play with my nipples.
  • 96. I have three piercings – all intimate piercings 🙂
  • 97. I had nipple piercings twice, but took them out both times because it did not heal well.
  • 98. I had a belly button piercing, but my body rejected it.
  • 99. There’s an archive of about 5000 erotic photos of me.
  • 100. I was aware of my sexuality and the powers it gives me when I was nine. However, I only started to use it when I was in my teens and now in my forties, I sometimes have the feeling that I radiate sexuality, even when in a business meeting. But it might be that I am the only one sensing that!

Any comments or questions?

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5 thoughts on “Sexual Me: #100FactsAboutMe

  1. @Cassady
    Hi Cassady,
    It's been a while since you commented on this post of mine. Somehow I have missed it. Indeed, people find it strange that I have no trauma because of what happened. I feel the same: I am glad too I am not the only one!
    If ever you want to tell what happened…

  2. Great list! I, too, was sexually abused as a child and have no trauma because of it. People always try to insist that I “must” have some trauma, but I really don't. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.


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