Plug matters

I own three butt plugs – a soft plug (thin), a medium sized steel plug (2,5cm in diameter) and a jewel plug (4cm in diameter).

I don’t like wearing the soft plug as it always feels as if it’s going to fall out. Also in a strange way it makes me feel uncomfortable. I sometimes get a burning sensation when wearing it.

* * * * *

At this moment I don’t wear my large plug either. I wore it once, but had problems getting it out. Guess it’s still just a bit too big.

* * * * *

Then there’s my medium-sized steel plug. This one I do wear frequently. I frequently get email from my hubby during daytime, telling me that I have to insert my plug as soon as I get home. This I do. But then follows the evening in which we have dinner and we have to get through the evening until the kids go to bed. It’s during those hours that I sometimes don’t know how to sit anymore. The plug starts to hurt and burn. Not inside, because what I feel of the plug inside me, excites me. No, it hurts at the base. Notice the flat steel base of about half a centimeter thick. That presses against my buttocks and no matter what I do, it just hurts more and more. When I get up to walk a bit, it feels better, but the burning continues. I would love to wear the plug when we go out for the evening, but I can hardly stand all the time. Just imagine: us going to the theater and me refusing to sit. Or us going to the movies. Or out to have dinner and me standing all the time.

What I would love to know from all you ladies out there: which plugs do you use? And can you sit for a couple of hours without your plug hurting too much? I’ve looked at the Njoy plugs, which have a totally different ‘base’ than the steel plug I have, but I wonder whether one can sit with that?

I would really appreciate your help/advise on this, ladies!

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