My Preferences: #100FactsAboutMe

On Twitter I have seen the hashtag #100FactsAboutMe and some of my twitter friends have already done these lists. I decided to do it too and have divided it in four ‘categories’: My Person, My Preferences, My Body and Sexual Me.

Here follows My Preferences, numbers 35 – 55.
Hope you enjoy!

  • 35. I like being at home.
  • 36. I hate vacation, but I love to make unexpected trips to faraway places.
  • 37. I hate to be sick. It always makes me very emotional, because it feels as if I have failed myself.
  • 38. I hate injustice.
  • 39. I hate people who lie.
  • 40. I love to read.
  • 41. I love almost all kinds of music.
  • 42. I love musicals.
  • 43. I love movies and series with lots of music, like Dirty Dancing or Glee (both favorites).
  • 44. I love elephants.
  • 45. Even though I am allergic to flowers, I love sunflowers and yellow roses.
  • 46. I hate it when all attention is focused on me.
  • 47. I love a nice hot shower.
  • 48. I love to walk on my bare feet.
  • 49. I hate roller coasters.
  • 50. I love pasta.
  • 51. I love dark chocolate and white chocolate.
  • 52. I drink both tea and coffee.
  • 53. I hate to discuss either politics or religion.
  • 54. I hate ironing, but I do it every Sunday.
  • 55. I drink orange juice, but don’t like apple juice.

Any comments or questions?

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2 thoughts on “My Preferences: #100FactsAboutMe

  1. Wow, I hate rollar coasters too and I like elephants and musicals…but I am not a bare foot person. I do like my slippers…lol…not sexy I know


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