My Person: #100FactsAboutMe

On Twitter I have seen the hashtag #100FactsAboutMe and some of my twitter friends have already done these lists. I decided to do it too and have divided it in four ‘categories’: My Person, My Preferences, My Body and Sexual Me.

Here follows My Preferences, numbers 1 – 34.
Hope you enjoy!

  • 1. I am a mother.
  • 2. I am a daughter.
  • 3. I am married.
  • 4. I have a brother.
  • 5. I have no sisters.
  • 6. I only have contact with my mother’s side of the family.
  • 7. I don’t have any contact with my father.
  • 8. Of all my cousins there are only two I have a bond and care to socialize with.
  • 9. I have been divorced twice.
  • 10. For the last four years I have frequently been stressed out and I hate it.
  • 11. I have sessions with a psychologist four times a year to help me with stress-related issues.
  • 12. I  am a very open person.
  • 13. I have a sixth sense for people who lie. I just don’t always know how to confront them with their lies.
  • 14. I have always had only one best friend.
  • 15. My first best friend died when she was 16 (two weeks before my 16th birthday).
  • 16. In my teens I was a gymnast and I was quite good.
  • 17. I grew up in another country than the one I am living in now.
  • 18. I grew up in the same time zone than the one I am living in now.
  • 19. I have not completed two university studies, one due to circumstances; the other due to discovering it was about politics.
  • 20. I always vote when there are elections, but believe that no matter what I believe or vote for, my vote or beliefs won’t change what the government does anyway.
  • 21. I have served in the military service of the country I was born in.
  • 22. My husband is my friend, my lover, my soul mate, my master, my owner.
  • 23. I had relationships twice with men that were respectively 6 and 4 years younger than I was.
  • 24. When I’ve made a blunder I never forget it. I can still remember blunders of 20+ years ago and still feel the same shame when thinking about it.
  • 25. I have a very good memory, especially for numbers.
  • 26. I hope to complete my study this year after being at it for five years.
  • 27. At work I’m in charge of a department.
  • 28. I work for a small international company.
  • 29. At work I am second in command.
  • 30. I love my job, but if we win a jackpot I will definitely quit and only do fun things.
  • 31. I have written books and self-published them.
  • 32. I am an artist – I draw and paint.
  • 33. I love to write erotic stories – fantasy or true.
  • 34. I maintain more than one blog.

Any comments or questions?

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