Lunch date

Years ago Rebel discovered chatting on the internet. She was single and she could see and meet whoever she wanted. She did! She made several dates with a couple of men – more dates than men, in other words, some of them she met more than once.

One of her dates was with Paul. He was about the same age as she was back then and he was one horny young man. They met several times – at her house, in restaurants (where they only had coffee) and in secluded spots in bright daylight. One of their lunch dates were close to a small airport in an open field. They had to drive on a gravel road to get to the spot and parked their cars next to each other on a patch of grass. About fifty meters away from the cars was a tarmac road and the same distance behind them was a row of trees, bordering the grounds of the airport.

They stood between the cars in the sun, just talking. This is not what Paul came for, so he pulled her closer to him. His hands quickly found a way under her T-shirt and pulled her bra up over her breasts. He lightly pinched her nipples, making them hard. Then he moved his hand to her bum, squeezed it and in the same movement he pulled her skirt up. He hooked his thumbs on her string and started to pull it down. With lightning speed he was on his knees and started to lick her. Damn, how Rebel loved this feeling. The tongue stimulating her hard clitoris and the tension in her body because she was nervous that someone might drive up to them. Public sex is just not allowed like this.

Paul must have realized that he had to be careful. He stopped what he was doing. He grabbed Rebel’s hand and pulled her towards the back door of his car. They both got in. Paul quickly dropped his pants to reveal his hard penis. He pulled Rebel towards him, wanting her to suck him. She bent over and took his hard member in her mouth. She was on her knees on the back seat next to him. He slipped his hand under her skirt and started to rub her clitoris. Rebel spread her legs for him to have more room. She loved this feeling, but she wanted more. No matter how, but she wanted to climax.


Apparently she was not the only one feeling the urgency. Paul stopped her and put a condom on his hard penis. Then he pulled her closer again. She swung one leg to the other side and slowly allowed his penis to slip into her very wet pussy. She leaned towards Paul and supported her on her knees to give him room to fuck her. He did. Quickly, hard. She enjoyed it. After a while Rebel changed position. She put her feet up on the back seat and now leaned back so her back was supported by the back of the front seats. Paul had even more room now to fuck her with long strokes. He yet again slipped his hands under her T-shirt, cupping her breasts hard. As if holding onto her breasts for support he pushed in and out of her at high speed. Rebel felt her orgasm nearing. She closed her eyes and allowed it to engulf her. Paul pushed in and out of her a couple of times more and then he climaxed too.

Paul looked on his watch and realized that lunch time was almost over. They quickly got dressed, got out of the car, gave each other a hug and went their separate ways.

© Rebel’s Notes

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