Ikea shopping

On a Saturday Rebel joined her mother and a friend to go shop for some furniture at Ikea. They had to drive for about half an hour to get there, buy what they wanted to buy and then they had to drive back again. It was a hot summer’s day and Rebel was wearing a long summer’s dress. And when it’s hot, Rebel tends to be hornier than normal.

Back at the car after their shopping, they had to get a big flat box in the car. Some boxes went in the back, but one specific box were put up right behind the front seats of the car. Since the one sitting in the back would have no space to put his or her feet, Rebel decided that since she’s the youngest, she would get in the back. She had to more or less lie on her side, since part of the backseat was also taken up by some of the boxes. She could just barely see her mother and friend on the other side of the big box.

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They were just on the highway when this wave of horniness hit Rebel again. Since no one could see her properly anyway, she rubbed over her breasts. Her nipples were hard even before she touched it. She undid the top two buttons to expose her bra and then she pulled her bra down to expose one of her breasts. She knew that if any bus or big truck would pass by and someone in that car would happen to look, they would be able to see her. This excited her even more. She felt her pussy getting wetter and spread her legs. She pulled her dress up and pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was so wet that she could easily slip two fingers in and out. In and out. And again. Then she concentrated on her clitoris. She needed to come and she needed to do so before they reached her mother’s home. In the front of the car her mother and friend were talking to each other. With the radio on too, none of them were aware of Rebel’s movements.

She circled her clitoris a couple of times, enjoying the intense feeling. But she wanted more. She wanted to come. So badly. She vigorously started to rub her clitoris, using two fingers. Every now and then she slipped the same two fingers deep in her pussy, only to return to her clitoris. The tension in her body built and built. The orgasm was close. Her nipples got harder. They always did just before she reached a climax. For a couple of moments she stopped rubbing her clitoris and pinched her nipples. She loved to look at her hard nipples, but she loved looking at her clitoris reacting to her touch even more. Quickly she returned her hand to her clitoris again. Soon she felt that familiar feeling starting in her toes and in her nipples. Two waves started to rush through her body – one started at her toes, the other in her nipples. The two waves reached each other at her clitoris. Rebel could stop part of the moan that came from deep within. The moment she made the noise, her mother looked at her and wanted to know if she was okay. Rebel nodded and pretended to cough. Her mother was satisfied and continued her conversation.

In the back of the car Rebel still had her legs pulled up and spread. She buttoned her dress. She cupped her pussy, rubber her clitoris one more time and then put her panties back in place, as if nothing has happened.

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  1. And I used to like Ikea just for the free coffee! But next time, I'll enjoy the 'ride' as well.

    I bet those fingers tasted delicious afterwards.

    Thanks for a very hot post.

    sev xx

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