My best friend and I frequently go to the wellness center together. As a matter of fact, that is exactly where we will be going tomorrow!

We always go on ladies’ days as both our husbands don’t like the idea of us parading around naked with dirty old men walking around, gawking at us. Unfortunately, that is a fact: there are some men that only go to the sauna to look at naked women. But then again, there are also some women who only go to the sauna to look at naked men. To please our husbands and to just have a relaxing day, we go on ladies’ day. This does not mean that we have boring days!

One thing my friend and I always do when we are at the sauna is to talk about sex. Sex with our husbands, sex in general, things we like to do. We are very open towards each other. I can honestly say that she and my husband are the only ones in my life who know absolutely everything about me. Have I ever been to bed with her?, I hear you think. No. Would I want to go to bed with her? Yes!

So this particular day it was quiet at the sauna. We had a swim, walked around outside, swam again and even sat in a sauna for about 5 minutes. We love to swim and sit in a whirlpool, but both of us just cannot handle the heat in the sauna for too long. It was while we were swimming in the small swimming pool that the conversation turned to sex. We swam a couple of lengths, spoke about sexy things and then swam a couple of lengths again. Our conversation continued when we sat in a hot tub close to the swimming pool. Because we both felt a bit horny, we decided to go for a walk outside. It was a cool day and we hoped that we would cool down too.

It did not help. When we went back inside, we walked pass a darker corner. The sauna had been rebuilt in the weeks before. What we discovered behind the wall was ‘our’ whirlpool. We looked at each other and without words decided to get into the whirlpool. We started the bubbles and each made sure that we position ourselves above one of the strong water jets. I happened to sit above two jets and felt the water brushing against my clit and against my ass. It was just strong enough to make me even hornier than I already was. However, I did not know whether it was strong enough to make me climax.

I looked at my friend. She had her arms spread, holding on to the side of the whirlpool. Her head was thrown back and she had her eyes closed. Her big beautiful breasts were held up by the bubbles in the water. I could not see her nipples, but her face clearly said that she was enjoying. I concentrated on the bubbles again. Shifting around a bit I found one jet that were stronger than the rest. The bubbles hit my clitoris in a frantic pace. It felt so good. I put my legs up on the seat, crouching low above the bubbles, my legs spread wide. The bubbles seemed to hit my clitoris even harder. It felt so good. It felt as if my clitoris was thick and swollen because of the constant stimulation by the water jet. The more the bubbles forced themselves against my clitoris, the more I enjoyed. When I felt my nipples harden in the warm water, I knew that my orgasm was near.

When I opened my eyes, my friends almost simultaneously did the same. My feeling of relief could be read on her face. Our orgasms have subdued our horniness only a bit…

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7 thoughts on “Whirlpooling

  1. Oh very hot – literally. Though it's god that you're taking i slowly with your friend. Although i suspect that there'll come a time when you're both in the sauna, close to cumming when one of you, kinda helps the other out a bit.
    If it happen, do tell us.
    Best wishes,
    A dirty old man 🙂
    sev xx

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