Top 10: Female Sex Fantasies (part 2 of 2)

Rebel stumbled onto an interesting article about female fantasies. Today the last five of the top 10 female sex fantasies. The first five were published on March 8, 2010. Between the lines Rebel will give her take on the fantasies mentioned.

Source: Askmen

Top 10: Female Sex Fantasies
By Isabella Snow

Number 5: Threesome with two men
This top 10 female sex fantasy involves the woman being worshipped and adored by two gorgeous men. These men are typically heterosexual and, therefore, only interested in the woman — which translates into a whole lot of action for her. Her sex fantasy might be as innocent as being penetrated by one man while performing oral sex on the other or it might go further, drawing on more hardcore aspects such as double penetration and the like. This female sex fantasy is the ultimate taboo for many women, which makes it all the more fun to imagine.

This fantasy might even become true very soon. Rebel and her husband have been talking about this for quite some time and under the right circumstances – when it feels right and there are no strings attached – will go ahead to live this fantasy.

Number 4: Voyeurism
If you think women don’t enjoy watching other people get it on, you’re completely mistaken. Your woman likes to watch for the same reasons you do: it’s erotic, exhilarating and slightly taboo. She may fantasize about peeping through the neighbor’s bedroom window, spying on a kinky couple in the park or even catching a full-on orgy from the sidelines. Believe it when we tell you she enjoys “watching” just as much as you do; it allows to her be naughty without getting her hands dirty, so to speak.

Rebel loves to watch. Seeing another couple having sex excites her, whether it’s in the real world or on television.

Number 3: Rape
As mentioned in our Common Female Fantasies article, rape is a massively popular fantasy among women. Most psychologists believe this top 10 female sex fantasy allows a woman to have the wild, dirty sex she craves, without having to suffer the guilt that often follows. These female sex fantasies usually involve a gorgeous man carrying her off to his bedroom and quickly getting down to business. She’ll protest as he tears her clothing off and expertly arouses her body, but on the inside, she’ll love every minute of it. This continues to the point of penetration, and leads her to an incredible orgasm despite her earlier protests. This female sex fantasy allows a woman to be wanton and enjoy sex — something society rarely permits.

Rape has frequently been the subject of Rebel’s fantasies. She does not want to be hurt, but she wants to be forced to have sex.

Number 2: Exhibitionism
She might cringe when you bring up the topic of making homemade porn flicks, but your woman has probably fantasized about doing precisely that at one time or another. Unfortunately, most women are far too body-conscious to experiment with such things, making this a top 10 female sex fantasy, as opposed to a reality. Believe it or not, some women even take this desire to the next level, fantasizing about others watching as you shag her silly in a public place.

Just read this blog, think about the Rebel pix posted on the internet and you know that Rebel is definitely living this fantasy in real life! Having sex in a public place indeed still remains a fantasy.

Number 1: Private dancer
Most women wouldn’t have the nerve to strip in a public setting, but this top 10 female sex fantasy definitely involves taking it all off. She loves the idea of tantalizing you with a striptease, and she’d love to give you a private lap dance. Why? Your enjoyment tells her you find her attractive, and your erection tells her she has control — a potent combination that women simply can’t get enough of.

This might be the number one of other women, but not of Rebel. She has never fantasized about giving a striptease or a lap dance.

Fantasy can lead to reality
Some of these female sex fantasies may have little chance of progressing to reality with your woman, but some have more potential than you may realize. A little bit of coaxing can go a long way in terms of spicing things up in the bedroom. Ask her which of these top 10 female sex fantasies she finds most appealing, and see if she’s willing to experiment — you may be surprised by her answer.

Rebel’s husband is definitely heavy on the coaxing… and she does not mind at all!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10: Female Sex Fantasies (part 2 of 2)

  1. This is an interesting list. I have to admit I have done quite a few of them and hope to do so again.

    I guess they are common fantasties for woman but the difference is surely in the detail. My rape fantasy I am sure is very different to yours….and thats where it starts to get really interesting.


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