The cinema (2/2)

Continued from… The cinema (1/2)


Rebel wanted more. More orgasms. More fingers. More!

The stranger rubbed her clitoris. Her husband circled her rosebud, using the juices flowing from her pussy to wet it. He pressed against Rebel’s hole. She waited in anticipation for him to enter it. He did not. Yet. Both men pushed a finger in Rebel’s pussy at the same time. The stranger moves his finger back to her clitoris. Her husband moved his finger back to her rosebud and slowly pushed one finger in. Rebel loved this. When she and her husband played like that, she used to take over the rubbing of her clitoris, helping herself to an overwhelming orgasm. She wanted that orgasm now and let go of her husband’s hard cock.

“Put your hand back,” he whispered. She looked at him. “Put your hand back.”

The stranger was still rubbing her clitoris, keeping her on the brink of her orgasm. Rebel now had two of her husband’s fingers in her ass, moving in and out slowly. Then a third. It felt good. Very good. The combination of the movements on her clitoris and the finger-fucking of her ass should send her over the edge, but it did not. The stranger just did not hit the right button. Rebel yearned for the releasing orgasm. But she would have to wait.

“Get on your knees on the chair and suck me,” her husband whispered again. Rebel gladly did. She had one knee on the chair and one foot on the floor, spreading her legs and offering her pussy and ass to the stranger. He gladly accepted. With her husband’s hard cock in her mouth, Rebel moaned as the stranger licked her pussy, while fingering her ass.

She opened her mouth wide, trying to swallow all of her husband’s cock. Her lust was overpowering; her licking and sucking had an unknown urgency. Rebel let go of her husband’s cock and sat back in her chair, her hands back on the dicks of the men. She gently pulled. Both came to stand in front of her. Alternately, she sucked their cocks, taking one deep into her mouth, feeling it at the back of her throat and then repeating it with the other.

She looked up at the men.

“I want you both to fuck me.”

The stranger looked at her husband, who nodded. Rebel stood up and pushed the stranger against his chest. He sat down and she straddled him, guiding his cock into her pussy. He grabbed her tits, squeezed them and rolled the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. It hurt, but Rebel did not mind. It excited her even more. Her husband stood behind her and gently pushed one… two… three fingers in her ass. Rebel moaned and climaxed. The stranger pumped his cock deep into her pussy. Pulled it out. Pushed it in again. Deep. Rebel leaned forward, pushing her breasts against the face of the stranger and spreading her crotch to offer her ass to her husband. The strange man pushed harder into Rebel’s cunt; sucked hard on her nipple. Her husband’s penis pushed against her rosebud, carefully putting pressure on it.


Rebel stopped moving. The stranger stopped moving. The head of her husband’s cock slipped into her hole. He waited. Then pressed on. Then waited again. Bit by bit he pushed his shaft deeper into his wife’s ass. He stopped when the entire length of his penis was buried. Gently he pulled out halfway and pushed back in. Again. The stranger slowly started moving too. Rebel did not move. It hurt a little bit, but the sensations running through her body drowned the pain. Her butthole got more use to the intrusion every time her husband pushed back in. Her nipples hardened. A voice inside her screamed I want more and when her lips moved to speak the men heard the words: “fuck me hard”.

They did. The stranger slammed into her pussy. Her husband fucked her ass as it was never done before. Rebel slipped her hand in between her and the stranger and rubbed her clitoris.

Rebel’s orgasm ripped through her body. Within seconds from each other, the men spurted their cum deep into her holes.

Under her long skirt, cum trickled from her pussy and her ass when Rebel left the cinema with her husband.

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